How are Millennial Redefining Skin Care and Beauty Regimes These Days?

All of us have been talking about and hyping the term millennial but a lot of us barely know what exactly this term denotes. Well, millennial is defined as the generation of adults who were born in the early and late nineties. This generation is the most hyped generation of the decade because they are the only ones who saw the transition to globalization and urbanization with new trends in technology and lifestyle.

Between their evolving interests in daily life, their enthusiasm to take beauty and skin care seriously has reshaped the personal care industry. Gone are the days when the concept of skin care revolved around the simple act of washing the face. The current generation of Millennial leaves no stone unturned to cater to their beauty needs for glowy, radiant and healthy skin. No doubt, homemade remedies do the same job but they are constantly in the quest for sustainable, organic products that give flawless and smooth skin. Ideally, skin and beauty regimes are a whole lot more than just using moisturizers and cleansers. Refer to this blog for a better picture of how millennials have revamped their preferences in beauty and personal care practices.

How is Millennial Changing their Beauty and Skin Care Routine?

Preference for At-Home Skin Care Tools

The outbreak of the pandemic has boosted the demand for at-home beauty accessories and DIY skin care tools. DIY beauty regimes gained popularity during the lockdown and turned out to be a gratifying way to look after one’s skin care routine. At-home facial tools like Face Rollers are easy to use, manageable and safe for all skin types. The simple act of using these tools in the regular skin care regime gives more control over the self-care and makes you feel good after a session of pampering.

Being Cautious Against Sun Damage

Pick any make-up product from the market, you will surely find the element of SPF in it. It’s not a new fact that sunscreen is the new hero product in the skincare market and more and more brands are coming up with efficient SPF formulas to keep the skin safe from harmful UV radiation. And millennials in 2022 abide by the rule of having sun screen products as a major skincare investment. We hear this thing daily that wearing sunscreen is mandatory every single day. It is a multi-tasker product that does so much for our skin by reducing aging, providing protection against the sun, and avoiding sunburn and tanning.

Right Product for the Right Skin Type 

Using the right skin care products in the correct order is the stepping stone to healthy skin. Whether you follow a fully-fledged skincare ritual or a basic CTM routine, you need to find the right products according to your skin type. Everyone’s skin is different from the rest of the people and divided into dry, oily, normal, sensitive and combination. And while choosing the correct products, you should put your skin type above everything else. For example, if you have oily skin but end up choosing products crafted for dry skin, the regime that you would follow will not turn effective.

Switching to Skin Care Technology 

With the advent of technology, skin care industry is also evolving constantly to get people instant results of skin concerns. Because of the recent innovations, people are switching to beauty and skincare treatments that involve the usage of technology. Seeing the huge shift in consumer behavior, brands are approaching skin care technology and people are more than willing to invest in such treatments for their specific skin care needs.

Being Comfortable with Minimalistic Make-up Look 

Make-up trends keep evolving and often get influenced by the sudden wave of trends. Similarly, when you talk about beauty and make-up, the millennial generation is extremely fond of the minimalistic make-up look. A term often used by the Genz’s and millennials, people often get confused with this newest make-up norm. A minimal make-up look is nothing fancy but creates a natural looking and nude look with limited products. This generation loves keeping things low key and despite their extreme love for make-up, they have brought heavy looks down to a minimalist approach.

The current young generation is all about following beauty trends and doing everything possible to keep their care needs.


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