How Can You Become A Professional Table Tennis Player?

Table tennis, or ping-pong as it’s also known, is a popular recreational game that can be played by people of all ages. The fast-paced and action-packed nature of the game appeals to fans of sports like tennis and squash. The rules are simple and easy to learn, so anyone can start playing with just a little guidance from an experienced player.

But table tennis is more than just a fun hobby; becoming a professional table tennis player requires years of training and mastering specific skills. Let us discuss some ways that can make you professional soon. Check out this site ping pong for more info.

Importance of technique

If the best players in the world are similar to one another, then a large part of their success is down to their mastery of specific techniques. These techniques can be broken down into two categories: ‘attack’ and ‘defense’. The attacker is trying to gain control of the table as quickly as possible; he tries to keep his opponent pinned against the table, or winning points by using powerful strokes.

In contrast, the defender tries to limit his opponent’s access to points and territory by keeping control of the ball. By learning the details of these techniques, you will be able to move on up through the ranks quickly.

Understand how to chop

The most important technique in table tennis is called “the chop”. The chop is used in almost every rally and can significantly decide the winner of the match. The technique involves swinging both arms vigorously to strike the ball on a downward stroke. You should get used to making quick, accurate cuts with your sticks, so the ball bounces over your opponent’s side of the table before bouncing back onto your side.

Pick up good tricks


  • For accelerated progress in table tennis, you need to practice a variety of tricks and games designed to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Use these tricks to capture as many balls as possible as they bounce back over opponents’ sides.
  • Practice the trick slowly and with caution, working to master specific movements.
  • You can then take your new skills outside and use them against real opponents in match play situations.

Push your forehand

One of the most important aspects of table tennis knows how to play a good forehand stroke. A good forehand involves moving from the back position to strike the ball in front of your body, while simultaneously placing your feet on opposite sides of it.

The ball passes over the table towards your opponent’s side, with the right hand initially making contact and causing a signature spin on it. This spin makes it harder for your opponent to return the ball and gain control over it, especially when attempting a counter-hit!

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