How Do I Display That I’m Watching YouTube on Discord?– USA

Because it enables members of your community to interact with one another through voice and video chat, the online communication platform Discord has become a popular gaming tool. Millions of communities use Discord, and each has its servers, which can either be public or private. The service is quite easy to use and has many helpful features that users can use.

Sharing content, you are streaming with your friends and the community on Discord is an excellent way to interact with them. If you are starting out as a streamer, this feature is perfect for you since it enables you to transmit a personal and distinctive stream that is only visible to an audience you have chosen.  Learn more how to show your watching YouTube on discord

Thanks to this handy guide, you won’t waste any time learning how to broadcast videos from YouTube on Discord. You won’t have to wait long before you can start sharing tests and private streams on Discord with your friends.

1.   Start by installing the program.

For gamers, Discord provides a unified platform for voice and text communication.

that connect with YouTube, allowing billions of people to discover and share unique videos generated on the platform. Even though it is free, streaming high-definition movies can use a significant amount of RAM on some systems. If this describes your situation, try briefly emptying the cache files for Discord to remedy the problem.

Discord servers’ new Watch Together functionality allows many users to watch the same YouTube movie simultaneously. After joining the voice channel of an already established server, pressing the “Start an Activity” button, and then responding to the authorization pop-up that appears, you will have successfully created your first view Together session. At this point, you are free to view YouTube videos directly from within Discord.

Creators of Watch Together sessions have access to a remote control that allows them to pause, select, and scrub through videos. Any adjustments they make will automatically sync and apply to all video viewers.

2.   Link your account to your YouTube channel.

Users can talk with one another, exchange movies, photographs, and games, and play multiplayer games together through Discord, a group chatting service specifically designed for gamers and friend circles. Additionally, users can integrate their favorite YouTube channels into their Discord profiles thanks to the platform’s interaction with YouTube.

The integration of YouTube accounts into Discord is a simple process. Launch the application, then select a photo for your profile picture. Next, select the gear icon to go to User Settings to locate “Connections.” Input your YouTube account information here.

Your YouTube account will automatically be linked to Discord when everything is finished. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting the application and re-establishing the connection to your account. If this does not resolve the issue, don’t hesitate to contact the Discord support team, as they are working diligently to find a solution as quickly as possible.

3.   Navigate to the television station that you wish to view.

Joining a voice channel on any server on Discord and clicking the Rocket icon are the only two steps necessary to begin streaming videos from the platform. You will be prompted to enable the YouTube Watch Together function from this page, after which you can immediately begin viewing videos with your friends!

Using a single server’s voice channels or even direct messaging as launch points, the unique new feature, YouTube Watch Together, enables up to ten individuals to watch films simultaneously. It’s not complicated, and users of desktop computers or cell phones may quickly share it with others in a matter of seconds.

Because the entirety of Discord’s business model is based on the concept of shared, interactive entertainment, it stands to reason that the company would incorporate YouTube as an official partner into their platform. Users can soon watch all their favorite YouTube videos through Discord, including playlists and lyrics. IFTTT also enables connecting SoundCloud, Twitch, and YouTube Music accounts with Discord accounts, which display titles on user profiles.

4.    Begin playing the stream.

Discord is an indispensable platform for connecting with pals through voice channels, texting, and video conversations. Sharing YouTube videos directly through Discord servers is now also a brand new, fascinating feature that has recently come about “how to show your watching YouTube on discord”

To start streaming, log in to Discord, then join a voice channel. Once you have joined, pick the “Screen” button in your screen’s lower-left corner. This will offer you the option to broadcast a screen capture of the full screen, a capture of a single window, or just your webcam feed.

After you have selected your preferences, you will be able to begin streaming video material from YouTube to your Discord server. Viewers will be able to see your status in their user profiles. If you do not want viewers to see your status in their user profiles, you off this in your Discord user settings by switching the Display Current Activity setting to Off.

It would be best to remember copyright rules when streaming content to avoid getting banned from YouTube. If feasible, you should only stream content for which you have permission or approval under fair use guidelines; otherwise, it could get you banned.


In this step-by-step guide, we have walked you through integrating live streaming from YouTube into your Discord server. According to these instructions, you can activate live streaming on your YouTube account, set up OBS Studio for live streaming on YouTube, share your live stream in Discord, and enhance the quality of your streaming experience. Don’t forget that engagement and community building are equally important aspects of streaming; therefore, don’t forget to communicate with your community and make them feel like they’re a part of your adventure.

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