How do you protect your privacy on the internet?

It is indeed futile to doubt the significance of the network of networks in the times of today. As many as five billion people use the internet. Since it plays such a huge role in our lives, hackers have a lot of opportunities to break in and steal information. A smart person would keep subscribing to Xfinity internet packages despite having their privacy under threat. The real trick is to mitigate the cons of the internet and not to cut it out completely from your life. This is why, in today’s piece, we will be detailing the ways in which you can keep your data more secure.

Keep Your Social Media Private

Keeping a lot of information on your social media profile is very dangerous, This is because if you put lots of information out there, malintentioned people may know the personal information bank operators and other important people ask when determining your identity during verification questions. After all, you do not want to lose all your money because a stalker of your Facebook profile was able to hack into your account.

Limiting Number of People

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to block the fake friends you have on Instagram from seeing your content? Well, we have some awesome news for you! You can go to Instagram’s settings and restrict certain people from viewing your content. It will not only make sure that they do not see your content but it will also keep this entire restriction secret. The restricted Instagram users will never know you have restricted them!

Go Incognito

Incognito is the term used by Google Chrome for private browsing. Microsoft Edge makes it simpler by calling it “In-private Browsing.” There are many people who have the capacity to hack into your computer and see your search history. Thanks to the private browsing options provided by all the major browsers, you can stop your computer from saving any search history. But, if you are using a computer given to you by your employer, just know that your employer may be taking screenshots of your computer screen every few seconds so your activity may still be getting monitored.

Anonymous Search Engines

Another way you can make sure your search history is not recorded is by using an anonymous search engine. This way, whatever you search will be kept anonymous even from a person who is able to hack your computer. This is also a relief for people who are scared that search engine companies will sell their private data.

Virtual Private Networks

Want to make sure no one knows your location through the internet? The solution is simple. Download a virtual private network and start using it! Another time to use a VPN is in a public area. This is because your private information is more susceptible to getting stolen when you are connected to WiFi in a frequently visited place in the world.

 Beware of Phishing

There are many things that you should be aware of but one thing you should really keep a lookout for is phishing. Phishing websites bait you into revealing secret financial information and are categorized as fraudulent sites. They convince you to give your bank account information by telling you that you have won some kind of an award but to receive the award money, you have to give your card info. Bad stuff.

Passcode On Phones

We use our phones for everything. Posting our most recent pictures on Instagram, messaging our significant others on Facebook Messenger, and even making payments on retail online apps like Amazon. For all these reasons, it becomes very important for us to keep our phone secure in a way that no one other than us can access it. Putting a passcode on your phone would do that. But what if a malintentioned person sneaks up behind you and sees your password while you are typing it? For these kinds of situations, make sure you put a password for each online app you use. That way, the security becomes doubled because of a two-step verification system. An ideal case scenario would be if you are able to make and then remember unique passwords for each app. In this scenario, even if a person knows your Instagram, they still will not be able to use Amazon on your phone.


This is it for now. We hope this article has helped you realize how to keep your information secure in today’s internet age.

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