How Important Is Product Photography and Image Editing in eCommerce?

What do you look at first while buying any product? Well, you look first, don’t you? It’s a common psychology of people to capture visual information faster than text based information. That’s why you look at the product at first and if you don’t like it visually you don’t buy it.

Pictures tell about the product more than anything the seller says or writes in descriptions. It provides a large amount of description quickly and that’s why you have to give importance to the quality of product image.

Product photography and post processing is essential for the online market and eCommerce business. But how important is product photography and image editing in eCommerce? In this article, you will know the importance. Let’s check out.

What Is Product Photography And Image Editing?

Random clicking of a product doesn’t mean product photography. To capture the actual appearance of the product you should have skills and knowledge of photography like holding the camera lens to the right angle, proper shutter speed, etc.

Also, photography of the product isn’t everything. Post-processing the images is also one of the crucial factors for eCommerce business. Background removing, image cutout service, color changing, photo retouching, deep etching, etc. are included in image editing.

Clipping Way is an eCommerce image solution service that provides various image editing services. You will find many online sites in this category. Though you may not be expert in product photography and image editing, you can upload quality images in your eCommerce site with the help of these service providers.

For leaflets, catalogs, websites, digital ads, flyers, magazine ads, brochures you need quality product image and only a good photographer and photo editor can be expert on this job. It’s so important that it has become an industry that provides all of the image processing services for eCommerce websites and stores.

The Importance of Product Photography And Editing in eCommerce

For any business, customer attention is very important or your product will remain unsold. Here I am mentioning some points showing the importance of product photography and image editing in eCommerce business.


Images are powerful more than any context. Any visitor will look upon the product image first rather than reading the details. If the image is eye-catching then they tend to read the description for more info.

Incredible images will increase your product value and help you branding your product. This is one of the useful marketing strategies for branding your product. As a result, you will get higher traffic and repeat customers.

High-quality Images to Build Trust

Low-quality images fail to bring customers attention as well as trust. They cannot see what they read in the description box. In most cases, they don’t care to read the description if the image quality isn’t good enough.

On the other hand, a high-quality image shows every tiny detail of the product including color texture. If the image is eye-catching they tend to know more about that even if they didn’t have any tendency to buy it at first. This builds confidence and trust within customers and tricks them to your site.

For Increasing Sales

Increasing sales is the main target of any eCommerce business and for this you need lots of customers. What can bring more customers to your shop? Offline stores decorate and hold large banners to get attention, but online stores cannot do so if the customer doesn’t feel like visiting it.

The only way is creating advertisements or promoting your products by outstanding attractive high-quality images. Investing in making quality images never fails to bring traffic to your site and the more the traffic the more the sale.

People Love to Observe Product Images

As a buyer, I like to observe the images of products I buy and if I don’t like it visually, I never buy it. Also, sometimes people, especially women, buy products they like to see even if they don’t carry much value or quality.

People spend hours watching images on eCommerce sites. As they cannot feel or touch the products they depend on what they see. A poorly captured image will force the customer to leave the site while a professional looking image will compel him to visit the site regularly.

Customizing According to the Platforms

Different platforms have different requirements for uploading images. Based on the site, you need to edit the size and format before uploading. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other platforms have different features.

The professional editing service provider can make your images suitable for the platforms.

How Your Product Images Should Look Like in eCommerce Site

Here’s some ideas on how the product image should look like on an eCommerce site. It will show you the importance of image editing services.

Simple And Minimalistic

The main focus of your product image should be the product. If there are any other things in the image that can grab customers’ attention, remove it. Also, try to edit the background as it should be of light solid color.

But remember not to over edit your product because if the buyer doesn’t get a similar product as the image they return it back. That’s why you should try to edit the photo to look the same as real.

Capture Better Photos

Better photos are very much needed for reaching the customers. Also, don’t oversize your photos that will take more than two seconds to load. If the photos take much time to load, you will go off the charts.

Product angle, lighting, image size, background all should be good enough to attract buys and without any professional you won’t be able to achieve that. If you think, in the long run investing in a professional photographer and photo editor is a good investment for your online business.

Having Alternative Views

Sometimes a single image cannot define the product properly. Buyers need to see both front and backside and sometimes angled view too for proper observation. Most of the buyers like to see multiple images of their product and prefer to look at 360º vision.

Also, in the main image the size of the product should be large enough to be viewed properly. Maintaining these things will build trust among the buyers about the product’s accuracy.

Use Original Product As Image

Customers who don’t get the exact same product as the image, return the product without any hesitation. That’s why you need to use the original product for product photography. It’s very important for any eCommerce site.

If any customer experiences dissimilarity among the product and image, they will run to another shop who provides the original. So, be aware of this.

Use Unique Template

If you want people to know your brand, create a unique template for the product photography. Also, use similar background, color contrast, and light so it becomes easy to pick up a product from several photos.

Final Line

If you want to run an eCommerce business you must invest in product photography and image editing. Good photos have a positive result and lead you towards success. For increasing traffic and sales, quality product image is very much needed as the quality product. If the image cannot reflect the product all your effort will go in vain. How important is product photography and image editing in eCommerce? You know the answer now. So, invest in a good cause for the sake of your business.

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