What is a Virtual Office Assistant?

When you rent a virtual office in Calgary, you can add on the service of a virtual office assistant. But what is a virtual office assistant, and what do they do? Let’s find out!

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

A virtual assistant is a person that is an independent contractor providing you with administrative services that operate outside office space. The virtual assistant can work from a home office or at the physical address provided in your virtual office service package. Furthermore, the person can access your planning documents like shared calendars and more remotely.


As the person is a virtual assistant, you need not pay a full-time employee salary with added benefits. The person also works offsite and does not require a desk or workspace and needs to provide their office equipment like a computer with software programs and high-speed internet service.


Still, these services can be included in your package when you have a virtual office space.

Virtual Assistant Duties

When it comes to virtual assistant duties can vary from one person to another according to the contract. For example, some assistants can handle all your clerical to bookkeeping tasks, and others provide you with regular updates about your social accounts to write regular articles.


The person can handle your travel arrangement, data entry, appointment scheduling, and online file storage. While other virtual assistants can answer all your calls, open your mail to scan it in, forward it to your email address, and receive packages on your behalf.

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

When you have a virtual office space at a Calgary Business Centre, having a virtual assistant is beneficial for your business. You can provide a contract only for your needs and be paid for a fixed number of hours worked per day. A virtual assistant can save valuable time as you focus on generating revenue if you are a small business. Furthermore, it is cost-effective as you outsource your tasks.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you need to hire a virtual office assistant, there are a few ways to hire one. First, you can find a few freelance contractors that work from home, offering you the service. There are many freelance sites available these days to find a virtual assistant. Some sites provide a large work pool from people around the globe. Still, before hiring a virtual assistant, you must ensure that you provide detailed instructions on the tasks you want them to handle. A written manual helps reduce misunderstandings with remote working relationships.


But the good news is that when you use virtual office space with a reputable provider in Calgary, you can add the virtual assistant to your package. The person can handle all your calls, receive documents to forward them to you, and even do call forwarding to keep track of your calendar and so much more.

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