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How long after Botox can I pluck my eyebrows?



Any procedure in the cosmetic beauty sphere requires following a certain aftercare routine to make sure a patient is safe and sound, and thus nothing threatens their well-being. Speaking about the Botox injection, the most common questions are usually related to everyday “rituals” and how this procedure may affect them: exercising, eating habits, medications, and…eyebrow plucking.

Yes, a lot of women are concerned about whether they will be able to puck their eyebrows after using Botox. Thus, today we would like to talk more about this nuance, as well as some other important aftercare tips that can be quite helpful when it comes to Botox treatments. Without further ado, let’s start!

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Is it safe to pluck eyebrows after Botox Injections?

According to Botox aftercare instructions, it is not recommended to pluck the eyebrows right after the injection session. It is also better to postpone such procedures as eyebrow waxing, shaping, and other eyebrow treatments. The thing is, after botulinum toxin is administered into the muscle, the treated zone can be pretty sensitive and irritated; you also shouldn’t forget that the solution has to get to the nerve ending successfully, and rubbing the injection spot may interrupt this process and lead to severe adverse reactions that can only be solved with the help of a medical professional. Thus, we’d recommend waiting for up to three days till Botox is settled properly under the skin.

Aftercare tips for the post-treatment period

Experiencing mild inconveniences and irritations after the Botox treatment is 100% natural and shouldn’t be a worrying sign of something dangerous. However, there is something you can do in order to make the recovery process faster and easier on yourself. Below, we are going to share some standard pieces of advice that can be used by anyone and should help with post-treatment symptoms:

  • Don’t take blood-thinning medications for a week before and after the injection session. In this way, you’ll reduce the risk of bruising and redness after the procedure;
  • Don’t visit overheated places for a few days after facial treatments. We are talking about hot tubs, saunas, solarium, etc.;
  • Stop exercising for a few days. Energetic activities may affect the healing process and cause unwanted severe side effects;
  • Don’t leave the house without SPF to avoid sun exposure. Also, it would be better to avoid direct sunlight as it may irritate sensitive skin even more;
  • Don’t massage or rub the treated zone. Once again, it is crucial to give your face some rest to heal all minor post-treatment reactions (however, sometimes, a doctor may show a special massage technique to help facial muscles get used to the solution faster).

What to do before the procedure?

  • Avoid certain supplements, such as vitamin E, fish oil, some herbal extracts, and other products with blood-thinning abilities;
  • Avoid drinking alcohol to prevent bleeding during the procedure;
  • Eat a meal to not faint when the needle is going through the skin;
  • Don’t try other treatments to get rid of the skin wrinkles for at least two weeks before the Botox procedure (it includes dermal fillers, chemical peelings, and others).

To sum up: Botox and plucking your eyebrows

Regular Botox treatments can be pretty helpful when it comes to dynamic line reduction (typically caused by active facial expressions). The main inconvenience caused by those is the need to stop some activities that are usually performed regularly – and eyebrow plucking is one of those. However, think about it – you will only need to wait for a few days, but annoying aging signs will be eliminated for up to four months without any dangerous surgeries and other complicated procedures. We think it’s worth the risk, isn’t it?

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