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Mick Foley Limited Edition Collector’s Box available at WWE Shop




Mrs Foley’s boy has become one of WWE’s most incredible success stories under the guise of three different personalities – the unpredictable Jack Cactus, the crazy hippie known as Dude Love, and everyone’s favorite insane superstar, humanity. These “Fowley Three Faces” were dangerously unique, but they all had one thing in common – a willingness to always go too far.

Fowley experienced the most shocking moment of sports entertainment when the Undertaker threw him from the top of hell in a cell. The unforgettable image of Fowley’s body falling to the ground has defined not only his career, but WWE’s “Relationship Era” as a whole.

Now WWE Shop celebrates this one-of-a-kind legend with new Mika Foley Limited Edition Collector’s Boxexclusively available on and packed full of gear you won’t find anywhere else. Only 750 limited edition boxes will be sold, so get yours today before they’re gone forever.

The picture inside the box shows the Love Hut set and each contains:

  • Exclusive T-shirt “Faces of Foley”
  • Vinyl figure of humanity
  • Hardcore Title Mini Center Plate
  • Dude Love Sunglasses (in Socko bag)
  • Mankind Enamel Pin
  • Cactus Jack Drink Sleeve
  • Foley’s 3 Faces Art Print
  • Human keychain

You can now add all of these exclusive Mika Foley items to your collection, but they are extremely limited, so head over to now and have a nice day!


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