How long do electric boards last?

Even if you want to ignore it, the fact is your skateboard won’t last forever! We all have heard and know the fact, everything has its life. And that rule also applies on skateboards. No matter how expensive a board you have purchased, there is still its longevity limit that marks its performance.

However, for electric skateboards the durability becomes rather vulnerable due to its embedded battery that works for speed and controls. So, if you are up for an electric skateboard riding, this article is going to shed light on how long electric boards last.  Let’s find out the answer.

What is the life expectancy of an electric board?

There are so many factors that determine the answer to the question, how long do electric skateboards last. Majorly the high-quality and durably manufactured board would last longer than the sub-standards one. If you have the quality electric board from Voeep it will surely last as expected.

But if we talk about the regular and rule of thumb approach and if you have maintained the batter of the board quite well, it will last for 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its capacity. And if you talk about its durability factor in years, an electric skateboard will last up to 3 years depending how carefully you are using it.

What are the main factors that impact electric board durability?

If you’re only concerned about the electric board, then the battery of the board needs to be premium enough, usually skates go into the storeroom or in the repair shop for a poor or malfunctioning battery. However there are some of the most important points that leave an impression on its durable performance. For instance,

Your style of riding the electric board

If you use the board roughly it will certainly reduce the durability of the skateboard. Moreover, each player or rider has a unique handling approach.  The riding style greatly impacts the performance of the board for its longevity. Some riders are heavy while some are quite slim. So the body weight of the rider may affect the durability of the electric skateboard in the long-term.

Quality of the board and its manufacturing

This is perhaps the overpowering factor that makes sure the durability is longer than the regular ones. If you have purchased the electric board from a well-known brand, there are high possibilities that it will last longer. Usually the battery and the wheels of the board matters when you talk about the quality.

So if you have the board with cheap plastic or battery you cannot expect its long-lasting performance in any way. Quality matters in each part of the board, so make sure you have opted for a well-made board for durability.

How often do you use it

The more you use the electric board, the more it will be subjected to a wear-and-tear approach. Moreover, if you use it as per the guidelines and in the recommended area, it will ensure its durability factor. Simply put, the frequency of board usage will also make its durability impacted. If you are a commuter and use it daily, it will likely last for a year or so.

Condition of the area where you ride the board

The ground or the area where you ride also matters for keeping the skateboard durable. Its wheel needs a smooth surface and if you try to ride on a rather bumpy ground it will likely under-perform for its quality and maintenance. If you are riding on the bumpy terrain it will certainly put more pressure on the wheels and hence you may see the wheel as damaged or broken.

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