How To Accept Credit Card Payments Online: A Guide For Small Businesses

What is payment acceptance?

Payment acceptance is the percentage in which the paid amount has received an attempt. Credit card companies refer to authorization rates as the “authorization rates”. A failure of payment threatens to sell everything online and the acceptability is significantly lower than purchasing an online item.

Challenges with accepting online payments

It’s convenient to make payments online but there are also trade-off advantages. As you make an online payment for your business, take into consideration these potential hazards.

Create error-proof checkout

If you are adding additional fields to payment checkout you are only reducing friction at checkout. Please only use the minimum required parameter to accept transactions. The mandatory parameters for the shipment depend primarily upon the payment method of your customer, and payment provider security requirements. Often shippers require phone numbers to communicate directly or in writing with customers. In addition, avoid setting a parameter request for personally identifiable details to increase the chances of a buyer abandoning the order.

Allow security checks

Different nations may require different credit cards and payment info for acceptance. In Europe, payment using a pre-paid credit or debit card is mandatory.

3D-Secure provides an additional security layer for customers who make online credit card payments and allows them to verify the legitimacy of the payment and facilitate payment acceptance. 3DS 2.0 introduces frictionless user authentication and improved user interface compared to Version 0.

Acquirer risk assessment

Payment gateway providers and acquirers may require other parameters to help prevent fraud. This parameter includes 3D security verification, address verification (AVS), Bank identification number, and customer mail or customer Tax Identification number. The transaction can also be prevented by checking if the profile is mismatched or by submitting a fraud statement that does not meet the cardholder’s requirements.

Wrong authentication inputs

The customer cannot make payment unless they provide the correct payment information. Similar results can be achieved for recurring payments in cases of incorrect payment information.

Add Click-to-Pay Email Invoicing

Business Services can get invoices in one simple click and be paid immediately. Email Invoicing allows the clients to pay their invoices online without any delay.

Online payments are possible through e-mail. It simplifies data management and ensures the data is kept in a safe place. When the user tries to pay online, the invoice is automatically logged onto the system. The impact the environment has on the customer’s ability to pay online is crucial to the customer, and the site also offers downloadable invoice templates.

Schedule. Recurring billing

Other common payment methods for monthly services including gyms or children’s services include recurring billing. It makes it easy for your customers to make payments in full at the best price. It is important that the customer keeps their finances organized and they pay their bills every month. Sending email reminders and introducing payment choices can help improve customer service while improving their satisfaction and guaranteeing an efficient revenue stream.

Accept Online Payments with eChecks and ACH

Online payments can also be taken through e-checks or by e-mail via ACH payment methods. This lets customers enter information on paper cheques in the online form or software application. ACH transactions process payment electronically and do not require physical presence. The processing of payments via automated ACH is controlled by NACHA and carries different fees from debit cards or another payment method. Fees vary.

Accept alternative payment methods

Customers prefer to use payment methods familiar to them. It’s not only because they’ve been trusting them more, but because it’s already clear how everything works. Alipay is among China’s preferred methods and Dutch banks usually utilize IDEAL. Depending upon the size of your business and the market conditions you will need to work out the payment method which is most preferred locally. In addition, certain payment options can increase acceptance rates through their flow.

Partner with local providers

Local acquirers are more flexible with local demands, circumstances, and regulations. Partners in new markets can help, especially in this regard. The accepted rate is typically 88.7% in card processing for EU merchants with international buyers. In Brazil, rates are set at about 20 percent. This occurs because Brazilian issued cards are restricted to use domestically and buying from merchants using international acquirers is similar to buying abroad. Depending on the country’s acquisition rate and regional partners, acceptance rates can reach 90 percent.

An open and flexible payment platform built for the future

To ensure an international stable growth, there are several aspects you need to consider. First of all, the merchant of record model is the right option in terms of a partner, as this model ensure complete tax & risk management. Of course, there are other issues to be considered aside from tax. A flexible payment system that can increase conversions and authorization rates will sustain your overseas growth. Take PayPro Global, for example. This unified solution offers users all growth-related features, boosting sales goals in all corners of the world.


So there you have it! Your guide to accepting credit card payments online. By following these simple steps, you can start taking payments from your customers in no time. And if you ever get stuck or have any questions, our team is here to help. Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Thanks for reading!

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