How to Choose a Solar Powered Street Lamp

If you want to make a purchase of a solar powered street lamp, you have to consider several factors. These factors include energy conversion, power output, lamp head quality, and warranty. After reading this article, you should be well-equipped to buy one. Read on to learn more about solar powered street lamps. This article was written with the sole purpose of helping you choose the right one. It will help you find the best one for your needs.

Energy conversion

In a country like China, where energy is scarce, a solar powered street lamp is an excellent choice. This energy-efficient light source is not only cost-effective but can also improve the environment and safety. However, some problems are still associated with this type of light. These problems include limited illumination area and a lack of reliable technology. Here are some tips to choose a solar powered street lamp that meets your needs.

Before installing a solar powered street lamp, be sure that the location is bright and sunny. A solar panel in the northern hemisphere faces south, whereas in the southern hemisphere, it faces north. The location of the solar panel is important, because overcast days can decrease its illuminance. Additionally, keep in mind that the illuminance of a solar street lamp can be affected by the temperature of the surrounding area. Moreover, make sure that the street lamp is not directly above the solar panel. The lamp light sensor system may not function properly, if the panel receives direct sunlight.

Power output

The Power output of solar powered street lamp is the amount of electricity produced by a solar panel. This figure varies depending on the solar illumination, spectral distribution and operating temperature of the solar panel. Moreover, the same solar panel may generate varying outputs at different locations and times of the year. Therefore, the choice of the solar panel’s output power should be made according to the local conditions. There are two main types of solar panels: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

The wattage and lumen output of solar street lamps are determined by the intended application. A garden street lamp will require lower wattage and lumens, while a highway street light will require higher wattage and overall power. Hence, the cost and lumen output of solar street lamp is increased accordingly. However, China solar street lamp manufacturers offer these lighting devices at lower prices. A solar street light should be able to provide adequate lighting for a long time without any maintenance.

Quality of lamp head

A good solar powered street lamp head should have dual brightness settings. A good solar lamp should also be balanced and well-balanced. If the lamp is top-heavy, it might not be able to receive enough sunlight. It is possible that the lamp may be misconfigured or has weak welding. However, this is not a serious problem. If the light fails after a few months of use, it’s easy to replace it with a new one.

A high-quality solar lamp head should have a planter base. The head should be planted in 50 lbs of soil or rock. It should also have an on/off switch. The design should be easy to move. Some lamp posts can be used in different locations. The solar lamp post should be made from die-cast aluminum and clear glass. The solar lamp head should be easily removable for maintenance purposes. You can choose the head based on its appearance and functionality.


When choosing a solar powered street lamp, you should make sure to check the warranty on the product. If you’re buying the product to illuminate a street, make sure to check whether it covers all possible problems, and the longer the warranty, the better. Regardless of its warranty, a good solar street light should last for several years, if not a decade. You should also check for other features, such as bright lighting, weather-resistant construction, and temperature and surge-resistant design.

The solar light company will cover components and systems. In the continental U.S., this warranty applies to the lamp itself, not to any parts or components installed by unauthorized personnel. You can also use the warranty if you’ve purchased the solar powered street light from a third party. You will have to provide proof of purchase. A warranty is available for most models of solar street lights, so make sure you purchase one that has one!


If you want to install a solar powered street lamp in your place, you should start with the assembly. The lamp, the solar panel, and the lamp cap are connected to the lamp arm, which is fixed to the main pole. The solar panel is then secured to the bracket with bolts. Once the lamp is fixed to the pole, it is time to attach the solar panel and controller to the pole. While doing this, be sure to observe the instructions and observe the indications on the controller to ensure that all parts are connected correctly. Then, you can proceed to the next step, which is to connect the controller and solar panel to the street lamp.

Once you have purchased and installed the solar light assembly, the next step is to install the light fixture. Different configurations are available for this type of street lamp, but the most common ones are LED, high-pressure sodium, and compact fluorescent lamps. There are even specialty lamps available, such as induction lights. These LED lamps mimic traditional overhead fixtures like HPS and LPS, and offer energy savings in the process. These lights also help reduce light pollution and trespass.

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