How To Clean Your Baby’s Room & Toys Using Natural Products

Toys are very important to your kids. They are not only for playing; instead, toys play a vital role in your child’s development and learning process. So, keeping the toys and room clean should be in your daily routine. Toys with dirt, germs, and grease can be lethal.

Let’s see some easy natural ways to clean your baby’s room and toys.

Never Bring Chemicals At Home

Cadmium and phthalates are the two most dangerous chemicals that can seriously harm your baby. But unfortunately, they are typically found in many everyday cleaning products like soaps. It makes the cleaning itself highly harmful.

So, search for these elements in your cleaning products before taking them home. Otherwise, your baby will be exposed to many diseases and hormonal problems. You will also find them in many toys as they soften plastic.

Kids always put their toys in their mouths. If the toys are not safe, there might be severe consequences.

Warm Water and Dishwasher Soap

Water and soap are an excellent combination for cleaning any surface and stuff. You can use warm water and dishwasher soap to make a mixture and clean your baby’s room. It will make the room clean and kill any germs and bacteria in it.

Soap and water can be an excellent solution to clean your baby’s toys. You can easily clean any plastic toys in your sink using this solution. But do not wash any electric toys with water and soap.

Cleaning Wooden Toys and Surfaces

Your children might have a lot of wooden toys like a rocking horse and building blocks that need frequent cleaning. But you should not make the wood wet while cleaning. As a porous material, moisture buildup can easily ruin the toys.

However, a mixture of vinegar and water will go a long way to cleaning your baby’s wooden toys. A damp cloth will wipe it clean. You will find many wood surface cleaners that you can use to clean toys.

If your baby’s room has a wooden floor, use the same formula to clean them properly. Also, use maid service occasionally to keep home in tip top shape.

Cleaning Stuffed Animals and Silicone Toys

Fabric stuff toys are always prone to dust. So, you must clean them whenever they have to. A liquid dishwashing soap, water, and a microfiber cloth will suffice to clean your kid’s stuffed toys.

Dip the cloth into the water and soap solution and then scrub off all the toys. Make sure no dirt or stain remains. Using this soap water mixture, clean the silicone and rubber toys.

Pour a bucket full of hot water, add dishwashing soap, and throw your baby’s silicone toys. Scrub them using a brush, and then rinse them under clean water.

Cleaning Electronic Toys

You cannot use water and soap to clean any electronic toys. The best way of cleaning electronic toys is a natural all-purpose cleaner. Take a microfiber cloth and s, spray some cleaner on it, and clean your kid’s electric toys.

But don’t forget to remove the battery and switch it off before cleaning.

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