How To Clear Off The Stains From A Curtain?

Curtains enhance the interior beauty, but not if they are stained or dusty. These window covers are likely to get dirty very fast. Hence, regular maintenance is indeed very essential for the glow to not fade away. If the heavy stains on the blinds are not treated at the proper time, then be ready for a costly replacement. Tough stains will affect the curtain’s texture thereby causing immense damage to the fibre. The tips below will help you get rid of the decolourisation like a pro. Read the instructions and treat the harsh patches efficiently.

Make Use Of Detergent And Water

A detergent solution can quickly help bring back your favourite curtains to life. There are a lot of stain-removal hacks available online. Be very careful while applying any cleaning agent to the curtains as the fibre is very sensitive. A chemical reaction can ruin the blinds if not taken care of, properly. Take a generous amount of any detergent of your choice and mix it with water. With the help of a mild brush, saturate the stained area with the solution made. Use another brush and scrape off the patch gently. Rub the spot until the stain vanishes completely. Once done, rinse the curtain with plain water and let it dry naturally.

White Vinegar Works The Best

Another common natural cleaning solution used is white vinegar. This is definitely a mystical cleaning agent. Grab a clean spray bottle and fill it up with sufficient warm water. Add a little white vinegar to the solution and shake well. Sprinkle the DIY stain-removal solution made on the affected spot. Dab the stain well until it gets saturated with the cleaning solution. Rub and scrub the stain continuously for some time. Use an old cloth or a toothbrush to do so.

Hire Renowned Cleaning Specialists

Take the right step before the situation goes out of hand. If you find it difficult to get rid of the stains on the curtain, then do not wait until the last second to contact the well-known house cleaners. They will be skilled enough to handle the cleanup with appropriate cleaning tools and supplies. Never delay in approaching the experts as the stains may get arrogant if not cleaned on time. Study more about the best experts in town and note down at least six of the leading cleaning agencies. Get enough and more quotes so that you can choose the pocket-friendly ones from the list.




Baking Soda Paste Is Useful

Not just stains but also the germs and bacteria on the blinds are tackled by baking soda. Take some baking soda in a bowl and add water to it. Mix until a dense paste is formed. Coat the stain with the paste made and leave it unattended for about thirty minutes. Once dried, wipe the paste off. You will not see any pesky patch on the curtain anymore.

Try Out Borax Solution For Vomit Stains

Vomit stains are indeed very awful. Mix water and laundry borax well. Blot the patch with the solution made. After about five minutes, rinse the affected spot with cold water. The ugly stains disappear within a jiffy if this method is right followed.

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