How to cure back pain while sitting in PGSLOT all day and night

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When we sit and play slots for a long time, many players tend to have neck pain, shoulder pain, including back pain for sure. So today, the website PGSLOT has a solution for back pain while sitting in PGSLOT all day and night.  To be able to relieve pain at the point which can be done by yourself as follows

  1. Control your weight By trying to control the weight to be in the right range. Especially on the abdomen Because it will cause gravity to go forward. But thin people can have back pain as well. Due to low bone mass, In addition, food must be eaten in moderation. And exercise regularly to keep the weight in the normal range
  2. Relieve back pain with massageJust use two hands to press. Or squeeze the painful area to help increase blood flow. Make organs work better. Or sit cross-legged Both fists were placed on the waist. Inhale while pressing hands. Bend your chest. Hold your breath for about 5 seconds. Exhale while releasing the pressure. Another move is to move the fist to the center of the waist. Inhale while pressing hands. Bend your chest. Hold your breath for about 5 seconds. Exhale while releasing the pressure. Then use your fist. Pound or rub over the painful area and repeat this a few times or until symptoms improve.
  3. Do yoga poses to relieve back pain. Fatigue Helps stretch the spine, shoulders, neck, and hips to increase flexibility around the hips and spine. By sitting cross-legged Lift the right leg and place it across the left leg. With the left leg bent at the knee, lie down on the floor. The right leg is bent at the knee. Bring your right hand to touch the ground right. Bring your left hand to touch the nape of the neck. Then turn to the right, hold for 5 seconds, then sit up straight. Bring your left hand to the left floor. Bring your right hand to the nape of the neck, hold for 5 seconds, then switch legs, switch hands, follow the same procedure for 3-5 rounds to increase the flexibility of the back muscles. And have better blood flow
  4. Lie flat with your back on the floor. To stretch the back muscles by sleeping on a mattress that is not too soft and not too hard Or a flat surface that can lie, such as a mat, then push the back sheet onto the floor. Bring both arms to the sides of the body. Hold your abdominal contraction for 10-15 seconds, then repeat 2-3 times to help relax your back.
  5. Hot compress and cold compress This will improve blood flow. Cold compresses You can place ice on the affected area for up to 48 hours to help reduce the pain. Hot compress Will help to relieve muscle pain. By applying a hot compress to the pain point Because the heat will help the blood vessels to expand. This method is most suitable for chronic pain. Will make the blood flow better and pain can be reduced.

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