How to Implement Giveaways in Your Marketing Campaign

Successful marketing is all about creating awareness around your products and eventually converting the brand and product awareness to sales. There are various marketing methods that you would consider viable for your business based on factors such as cost, the size of your business, and the type of goods and services that you deal with. However, some strategies, such as giveaways, have proven to be productive across the board if implemented correctly.

Here’s how you can do it right and get the most out of this marketing strategy.

Have Clear Goals for the Campaign

Giveaways for a business should never operate like a philanthropic exercise. They should be equated to seed capital that brings in exponential returns. There are three reasons you should plan to implement giveaways as a marketing strategy: to create brand awareness, generate engagement, or drive sales. Regarding brand awareness, a target market is defined in terms of communities, while engagement is all about making your brand and products the talk of the town. To drive sales, you need to influence people to buy more. Always have defined goals and implement matching giveaways.

Consider Getting Into Marketing Partnerships

A marketing campaign is a huge investment that might demand an overwhelming budget. To deal with this challenge, you can reach out to other brands and businesses who sell complementary products and draft a partnership contract that gives you mutual benefit. A partnership will help you manage the overhead expenditure and get you significant value in return. Influencers are also an excellent target for partnerships, especially if you want to establish engagements that will outlive the giveaway season. If you find a legitimate influencer, be sure to check them on Nuwber to verify their real identities.

Take advantage of public events and holidays

Plan your giveaway campaign to coincide with a national event or holiday, such as an environment day, a historical commemoration, or a globally recognized celebration. Associating your giveaways with another publicly recognized day or season increases your chances of catching the public eye. More people will want to know how you’re the show-stopper for the day. If it is relevant to your product, you stand a golden chance to make your brand a welcome gift to people’s homes. If not, your association with the event or holiday is a great way to put your brand out there.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms are great for interpersonal interactions in the present day. People spend a lot of time engaging with others and businesses they are proud to associate with. Marketing campaigns thrive on social media, and the outreach is potentially widespread. Giveaways will always attract lots of attention, which gives you a perfect opportunity to engage the masses in surveys and contests. Social media platforms also allow you to acquire genuine feedback that you receive almost instantly.

Come up with a giveaway strategy

Since you’re not just giving random gifts to strangers, you must have a solid strategy for your giveaways. For instance, determine how many products you want to be giving out and how you will package and distribute them. Also, decide how much you want to spend on branded merchandise, stationery, and other marketing materials. Nevertheless, all the giveaways should align with the objectives you’ve set for the marketing campaign.

Strategize On Maximizing the Gains

Your marketing campaign should be a two-way venture. Apart from the direct returns in the form of increased sales, it would help if you leveraged your campaign tools, such as social media and email marketing, to build your contact database, conduct product surveys, and get customer feedback. All these should be well-planned. The ideas can flow spontaneously, but the execution should be deliberate.

Make the Giveaways Unique

Originality is a revered trait; therefore, your gifts should always be unique. People should easily tell the difference between them and the regular products on the shelves. There are many ways of making them aesthetically distinct. For instance, their packaging could have a different color theme or a different quantity or size. However, don’t give out superior quality for free and sell the average product. Always make sure that the product quantity and quality are consistent.

Use A Practical Time-Frame

Your giveaway campaign should be enclosed in a practical time gap. You need a pre-defined schedule for the marketing journey, which should include efficient implementation of the campaign coupled with progressive evaluation. Overdoing the campaign or cutting it short too soon would be disastrous. You can always look back at your previous campaigns and build on them. Alternatively, you can trust Leadar for leads on the best marketing campaign strategists from brands you respect.

Make It An Actual Campaign

Whether you’ll be left with an active brand buzz or an anti-climax at the end of your giveaway campaign entirely depends on the trend you create and sustain along the campaign timeline. An effective campaign begins slowly and builds progressive momentum, culminating in a grand ending. It could involve mass giveaways or a highly coveted grand prize. The whole journey should be elaborate, and all participants should be aware of it.

Communicate Roles to Participants

Promotional giveaways, unlike other gifts, should never be just free. They should be earned, whether actively or passively. They should be gifted to people who deserve recognition for embracing a brand or for committing to be part of it. You need to establish a criterion for eligibility, and all participants need to feel that they are equally eligible for the gifts. You need an actual contest with strict adherence to the rules of engagement. However, the contest should be easy to get into and go through.


Marketing campaigns should be carefully planned and executed. Using giveaways to enhance a campaign’s efficiency should also be strategically implemented. Blending all available resources, skills, and experiences is a great way to increase the opportunities for a successful giveaway promotion. For what it’s worth, professional campaign planning is mandatory to avoid putting in too much effort, which eventually translates to a net loss.


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