How To Live Like A Local In San Francisco

People who travel to San Francisco either for education, work, or adventure do wonder what life there is like. If you want to go on a trip to this city, you must also think about the best options to enjoy your trip like a resident. 

San Francisco attracts tourists for its Golden Gate bridge, vibrant art deco houses, a plethora of eatery shops, beaches, etc. The city offers numerous hotel services to meet the increasing demands of tourists. However, if you want to experience local life, you must consider spending time with roommates in San Francisco. 

How do locals spend their time in SF?

Most people who reside in the rental rooms in San Francisco spend their time outside by getting involved in community life and enjoying the variety of cuisines. There are numerous options of wine bars, coffee and bread shops, ice cream shops, etc. Food is considered the central part of people’s life in San Francisco. In addition, parks, beaches, scenic beauty, and visual performing arts are integral to San Francisco. 

Here are some ways you can follow to live in the city of San Francisco locally:

  1. Hit the beach on a happy sunny day

The best way to spend a weekend in San Francisco is to pack your bag and hit the beach with family and friends. The city offers many beaches like Mile Rock Beach, Ocean Beach, etc., for people’s enjoyment. Many newcomers may not be aware of all the outdoor activities offered in the city. Therefore, it is better to find good local roommates in San Francisco so that you can have their company to get the essence of local life truly.

Beaches that locals highly prefer in the city include –

  • Rodeo Beach: It is a quiet beach located in the north of San Francisco. It is a great point for spending quality time with family and friends.
  • China Beach: It is a small beach that offers a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a perfect spot for locals who want to go for a relaxing walk with pets.
  1. Experience the fun of visual and performing art

San Francisco offers more than relaxing beaches, splendid scenery, etc. Here, performing art like music and drama is an excellent way of demonstrating one’s talent and engagement with the community. Some live performances enjoyed by locals are –

  • Live music performances: San Francisco offers various genres of music. If you love live musical performances, you must visit places like Fillmore West, Great American Music Hall, etc. 
  • Theater and drama: The city has a rich theatrical history. Many actors from the country visit SF to polish their acting skills. The city offers many famous theaters known for the marvelous display of acting through live dramas.
  • Comedy clubs: Who doesn’t want to have a good laugh? More so with the community? The city has several comedy clubs that offer excellent entertainment and laughter. You can visit these spots with friends to brighten up your mood.
  1. Friends, drinks, snacks, and a good day

Many tourists visit San Francisco for its wide array of beer, cuisine, and lively people. The city is loaded with high-end to budget-friendly restaurants and bars where you can get the food, drink, and community according to your compatibility. Some of the most loved restaurants in San Francisco are –

  • Tosca: You can enjoy your favorite meals with friends and family in a classic setting that offers red leather booths and long wooden bars.
  • Specs: It is one of the oldest spots in the city that has served several poets, musicians, and artists.
  • Last Rites: This is a unique bar known to serve beer, cocktails, airplane seats, and giant skulls. 
  1. Rides outside the city

Many of San Francisco’s local people love to take a ride to explore the areas outside the city on weekends. The California landscape and nearby towns are famous attractions for people who either live here or visit for a trip. The city is surrounded by marvelous scenic beauty located on the west coast. You can easily reach these places by taking a thirty-minute ride. There are several restaurants, farms, and watchpoints located here. You must reserve a day to visit most places to satisfy the explorer inside yourself.

  1. Plan a park hangout

The city offers nearly 220 parks to its residents and tourists. Parks are a crucial part of people’s life in San Francisco. Generally, on weekends all the parks are packed with people who spend their time playing tennis, hanging out with friends, reading books, etc. Ranging from massive parks to smaller ones, numerous options are available for people to explore and utilize weekends wisely. However, before planning a day out in the park, dress up according to the weather to maintain comfort.

  1. Travel with public transport

Using public transport is amongst the best ways to explore and feel the city’s essence. It is very interesting and saves a lot of money. While traveling through public transport, you will meet some unique people you will remember for life. You can also consider renting a bike that offers the service of a city-wide network. 

  1. Dress Up according to the weather

San Francisco is a city with unpredictable weather. Therefore, its residents wear many layers of clothes for their comfort. To experience this city like a resident, you must take care of your clothing. In addition, most people love to take a walk to move around the city and for this they choose comfortable shoes over fancy high fashion footwear.

From 20 August 2021, all the tourists need to provide their COVID-19 vaccination proof to enter a bar, restaurant, or gym in San Francisco. Therefore, if you want to visit this city, make sure you carry a digital QR code or vaccination card. 

Tourists love San Francisco for various reasons. Knowing the lifestyle of local people is very helpful in exploring the city. You can find many rental rooms in San Francisco that are safe and pocket-friendly. Most of the high-end restaurants and public places in the city are easily accessible by tourists. However, several budget-friendly, classic restaurants and other places can only be visited if you communicate with the locals.

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