How to pick a jewellery gift for your girlfriend as per her personality

Men are stumped by numerous things when it comes to pleasing their women. One such thing is purchasing accessories for the love of their life. You might be astonished by the way your lady love adorns and dresses and this is why shopping for jewellery for her is often so intimidating. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from acquiring pretty jewellery for her, since women do love their jewellery. 

Why should you gift jewellery to your girlfriend and should it be expensive?

Girls often tend to be pleased with the smallest act of love, and when the boyfriend buys her jewellery, that’s it, she is already over the moon. Most girls love jewellery. It is something that entails the investment of your time and purchasing precious jewellery for your girl will not just have its worth increased over time but it can last long and can be passed from one generation to another. Jewellery can actually speak when you are struggling with words. A diamond says ‘forever’, a ruby indicates passion, a journey pendant states ‘I’ll be there’ and a heart states the obvious. It is easier to say things with jewellery that you might not have the proper words to convey. 

How to pick jewellery that matches your girlfriend’s taste?

Jewellery is an exceptionally customizable gift. You can almost cater to anything and everything; colour preference, personality, and style. The choices are infinite. When picking trendy jewellery you must ensure that the jewellery type you choose does not cost you too much however it should be robust enough to withstand the test of time. You do not want to hear from your girlfriend that it was too fragile or that it cracked or shattered too soon. You can check the gold rate before purchasing the jewellery. 

The relationship status

The time period that you have spent with your girlfriend will define the alternatives that are feasible for you and whether you must purchase jewellery that is crafted with precious metal or opt for something pretty yet inexpensive. Buying costly jewellery when you are just into a relationship is not sensible as it could make your girlfriend uncomfortable. Rings are often a tricky choice. Are you trying to propose to her or just buying her a beautiful ring without contemplating how she might view it?

What kind of relationship you have with your girlfriend matters too. Of course, she is your GF, but are you guys the sort of people who chill at home or go out frequently? When you purchase a jewellery gift for somebody who doesn’t wish to step out of the home too much, you can give them a promise ring. The relationship with your GF describes the understanding that you have of her. 


The budget you reserve for gifting your girlfriend will mainly be determined by the savings that you have and the age of your relationship with her. As jewellery doesn’t come cheap and also you wouldn’t want her to wear cheap items, it is suggested that you spend at least Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 for precious jewellery and around Rs. 200 to Rs. 3000 for trendy jewellery. 

Her personal taste and preference

Is she a person who loves shiny jewellery or is she the type who wishes to sport subtle accessories? If she is working, then you can gift her a daily wear jewellery piece that isn’t showy or make her look overly dressed. The ornaments that your GF buys for herself are bought after careful thought, particularly if the pieces are made of precious metals like silver, gold and diamonds. 

You wouldn’t wish to purchase her a jewellery piece that is just going to sit in the drawer. You should opt for something that she can sport on a daily basis rather than choosing something that she can wear for specific occasions only. Gold pendant alphabet designs are something that most women prefer, these days. 

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