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How To Play Better Golf With These 5 Tips



Golf is a game adored by many yet mastered only by a few. The sport looks intimidating, particularly for the newcomers. Still, the game has ways of frustrating brilliant players. No golf player can boast of having satisfying rounds without disappointing ones. Nonetheless, there are several tips you can employ and fast-track your golfing journey from a newbie to a pro pretty fast.  Check out this golf handicap calculator.

5 Tips to Help You Play Better Golf

  • Master your posture

A perfect posture is one of the biggest hacks to playing better golf. You first must learn how to achieve and maintain the correct posture during the golf swing. Place your feet approximately shoulder-width apart, bend at the waist and flex the knees a little bit, then allow your arms to hang loosely in front of you.

If the golf ball isn’t at a strategic position, move closer to it by a few inches and do the opposite if the ball is too close to your body. Furthermore, you should maintain a flat back and ensure your weight is on the balls of your feet at all times.

  • Get your grip right

Playing golf involves hitting a ball, and thus how you hit it is paramount. Successful hits are achieved not only by a good player but one who finds their grip right. The standard golf grip includes placing the right hand below the left, specifically for right-handed players, who are the majority.

However, you should not feel limited to experimenting by playing around with your hands till you achieve what feels best for you. Some players find it comfortable to play by interlocking their left index fingers with the right pinky. The secret is to keep experimenting till you see the comfortable grip that gives you massive control over the golf stick and your swing.

  • Maintain concentration

One strategy to maintain concentration is keeping your eyes focused on the ball. To ensure you have excellent follow-through, maintain your eyes on the ball. Do not take your eyes off the ball when hitting the ball, either shot putts or long hits. Use a putting mirror to help you practice.

If you shift your eye focus from the ball for the slightest moment, especially when delivering a full swing, your chances of missing your target increase in multiple folds. Also, maintain your eyes on the ball even after hitting it until it comes to a stop.

  • Set your balance

Balance is critical when taking a backswing. You should thus check your balance before starting your backswing. To achieve perfect harmony, you need to accomplish a steady center of gravity while at the same time being flexible enough to move your body throughout your swing. Contact to learn more.

  • Master the short shorts

Finding the green is usually not easy on the first try, especially for new golfers. It would be best if you thus practiced chips and other shots around the green. It would help to try the short shots from all angles (good and bad) and different areas. Chipping enables you to find your tempo quickly if you lose it. 

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