How to Retwist Your Dreadlocks

Retwisting your locs is a necessary part of loc ownership. A loctician can retwist your dreads for you if you do not have time to do it yourself. In addition to locretwisting yourself, a loctician can also help you retwistyour dreadlocks at the salon. Listed below are some tips on locretwisting.

First, you’ll need to apply retwisting gel to your fingers. Then, take one section of your loc and apply it to your palm. Repeat this process with the other loc. After the retwisting process is complete, use a blow dryer to dry your hair. It is best to apply the gel to your hair before you wash it. If you wash your hair often, more retwists will be needed.

Another technique is to spray your locswith oil and water. Soybean oil penetrates the hair shaft and acts as a moisture sealant, protecting locsfrom moisture and elements. It is good for sensitive scalps and prevents the occurrence of skin conditions such as eczema. Soybean oil can also be applied as a retwisting product. Soybean oil pomade has a creamy consistency and works best on fine hair types.

Before undergoing a locretwist, wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. It will help remove dirt, sweat, and product residue. After the third wash, your hair will be clean enough for a locretwist. The next step is deciding how often to retwistyour locs. During this time, you’ll want to use a palm roller to separate each loc so you can create a parting that defines the retwist.

A retwist can take anywhere from three to five hours. Performing the procedure with the right products can result in healthy locs, but the wrong products can cause mildew and unsightly build-up. The most common products for locretwisting are gels or waxes. Oil and water is a natural alternative that produces excellent results. However, you must be sure to read the directions carefully.

Once you’ve chosen a retwist technique, you’ll want to follow it consistently for at least six to eight weeks. As with any routine, consistency is key. New hair grows every four to six weeks, so it’s essential to retwist your locs at least twice a year. After this time, you’ll see a marked difference in the style of your locs.

Loc&Retwist Gel is designed to help you lock your hair in place without damaging it or leaving residue on your scalp. Its alcohol-free formula gives great hold while locking in the loc and preventing frizz. It also helps lock in the locks and prevent buildup, leaving them fully dry after the process. You can also find retwistgels that have chamomile tea extract, which reduces frizz and promotes healthier hair. Make sure to shop retwistlocs products from Loc Angels.

Before you begin your retwisting procedure, use a nourishing oil on the scalp and locks in moisture. After applying conditioner, you can let your hair air dry before applying the nourishing oil. Massage this oil into your scalp and into your locs for an even better result. Once you’re finished, you can clip your locs and dry them before you begin the next step. If you’re planning on retwisting your locs, consider following these tips to ensure that your retwisting is a success.

The procedure of retwisting your dreadlocks is relatively simple. To retwistyour dreadlocks, first unpinning the pins from the dreads. Then, retwisting process itself is easy and painless. However, you should be sure to use your hands when doing the retwisting. If you do not use your palms or fingers, your dreadlocks might break, so you should be careful not to use the wrong technique.

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