How to Select a Seller of Custom No Parking Signs

A well-designed no-parking sign can make your property look professional, well-managed, and appealing. More importantly, custom no parking signs help property owners manage the flow of traffic in and out of their properties. On the other hand, a shoddily installed and poorly designed sign can make your property appear worse. Such poorly designed signs can even cause more chaos on your property by confusing incoming or outgoing drivers.

According to several retail industry experts, the current economic environment is ripe for nefarious people to do nefarious things. That means if business owners are not cautious, they could end up buying low-quality custom signs for their parking lots. Low-quality signs from bad sign sellers deteriorate quickly. Such signs are likelier to get negatively affected by external weather conditions and require frequent repairs.

How can business owners avoid buying such low-quality signs? Choosing the right seller of custom parking signs is vital. It can be the difference between getting a high-quality, long-lasting sign and a complete disaster. Here’s how business owners should assess custom sign selling companies –


Contrary to popular belief, manufacturing custom signs is not an easy process. Manufacturers have to use various types of synthetic materials like vinyl, acrylic, polycarbonate, and aluminum to make these signs. Procuring these materials requires extensive business connections. Only the companies with years of experience in the sign manufacturing industry have these types of connections.

Businesses must check out the sign selling company’s website, portfolio, and lists of their clients before making any decisions. Assess what the online reviews of the company reveal about their past dealings. Always pick sign companies that have a long list of satisfied clients.

Range of Products

The best sign manufacturing companies typically sell many more items than just parking lot signs. Look for companies that also sell the following types of items along with parking signs –

  • Banners
  • Table covers
  • Sneeze guards
  • Crowd control barriers
  • Custom flags
  • Custom decals

Companies that sell a variety of customizable marketing materials are easier to trust. These companies typically have extensive stocks and reliable delivery teams. Ordering from such companies means that buyers receive a sense of assurance about their products’ deliveries.

Customer Friendliness

Call every sign-making company you’re interested in. Test each company’s customer service team. Also, assess the websites of these companies to determine which one is the easiest to use. Sign manufacturing companies that invest in customer service are typically more reliable.

Customers can easily call their departments to discuss customization details, order dates, etc. On the other hand, sign manufacturing companies with poor or no customer service teams should be avoided at all costs. In case their signs turn out to be defective, getting a hold of them would be nearly impossible for the buyers.

Fair Prices

While reviewing different sign-making companies on the Internet, check out the costs of their products and services. Avoid sign-making companies that over or undercharge. Both these tactics indicate some level of deception. Only pick signage manufacturing companies that offer fair market prices for their products.

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