How to Set Up SBCGlobal Email in Microsoft Outlook

The SBCGlobal emails were provided through Southwestern Bell Corporation, otherwise called SBC Communications. Presently, SBC Communications has merged with AT&T however, SBCGlobal’s email accounts are still active. However, some users complain it hard to configure these addresses within Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook application.

In this article we provide a step-by-step guide to setting SBCGlobal email in Outlook with one of the two options: POP3 and IMAP. We also provide solutions to several of the most frequent issues that users face.

Steps for Setting Up SBCGlobal Email on Outlook.

To begin the process of setting up to begin the setup, start by opening Microsoft Outlook on your computer or mobile phone. If you’re using the Windows application, open File, then click ‘Add Account’. However when you use the mobile application then go to “Settings” and then select Add Email Account. Select ‘Manual Setup’ as well as Extra server types’.

Click Next and choose the option labeled “POP” or IMAP Click “Next” again. You will be directed to a page on which you’ll have to input the settings required to run SBCGlobal within Outlook.

Fill in your name and complete sign in address into the fields available. After that, in the drop-down menu that appears next to “Account Type If you choose ‘Account Type’, you’ll be required to choose between ‘POP3′ and’. For the majority of users, ‘IMAP is the best choice because it’s more sophisticated and will let you connect your email accounts across several devices more quickly. There are occasions in which POP3 might be more appropriate and could offer advantages with regards to simplicity as well as privacy.

The settings for entering into the other fields are:

If you chose “IMAP”:

The Mail Server that is Incoming:
The Outgoing Server for Mail:
User Name: The complete email address.
Password: This is the password to the account you have created with your SBCGlobal mail account.

If you have selected “POP3”:

Outgoing Mail Server
The Outgoing Mail Server is
User Name: The complete email address.
Password: It is your password to the account you have created with your SBCGlobal Email account.

Prior to completing the setup procedure Click on the “More Settings click on the Advanced tab. Check the box that says “This Server Requires an Secure Connection (SSL) and then, from the drop-down menu that appears next to ‘Use the Next Type of Encryption Choose “SSL”.

In addition, you must enter the following information:

If you chose IMAP:

Incoming Server: 993
Outgoing Server: 465

If you chose “POP3”:

Incoming Server: 995
Outgoing Server: 465

After that, click “OK”, then Next, then “Finish’.

Once on the Outlook email settings page, enter your name, full email address, password, inbound and outbound servers, and choose POP3 or IMAP.

Common Problems With SBCGlobal Email on Outlook.

In some instances, users might encounter issues when trying to utilize SBCGlobal Email on Outlook. The first thing you need to verify is that you’ve filled in the correct information for the setup Pay focus on your password, att email login and also ensuring that you have made the correct parameters for your email service you have selected.

If this does not solve the issue, you might be able to try an alternative email protocol in addition to the one you chose. In other words, if you first tried using POP3 Try using IMAP instead or vice versa.

In the course of setup there will be an option labeled “Test Account settings’. You can click this option to conduct a test with the settings you’ve entered. This could help you identify if the issue lies related to the settings you’ve entered or different. If your settings meet the requirements, proceed onto the next stage.

Some users also discover that they have problems with their antivirus software, which can cause problems with their email application. The best solution to deal with this issue is to temporarily disable your antivirus software. Of course, you’ll be required to remember to turn it on it after you’ve completed working with Microsoft Outlook.

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