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Over 5,000 jobs are in the pipeline for the digital sector, covering fields like data analytics and more for Singaporeans. (Source: EDB) Yes, you read that absolutely correctly!

If used deliberately, data analytics can wield multiple advantages for both individuals and organizations. It has become a crucial part of the digital space and helps organizations boost work efficiency, understand their consumer’s behavioral changes, and make better business decisions to generate successful outcomes. This also means that plenty of job opportunities are waiting out there seeking the right skillful fit for this role. On the other hand, organizations require to upskill their workforce in analytics to drive better outcomes. And that’s exactly where Accord steps in, providing everything under one roof.

Accord is a training and consulting solution provider based in Singapore with over 30 decades of expertise, accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) in 2018, and is an IBF Standards accredited training provider. Accord has designed a range of courses, covering subjects like data analytics, data visualization, machine learning, and AI to address the skill requirements of organizations and individuals. The courses are led by highly-skilled trainers with hands-on sessions + real-life engaging examples to facilitate learning. A few courses are also provided by up to 90% IBF-funding for Singapore Citizens (T&C Apply).

Learn to derive insightful information from raw data with the right knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to make data and analytics an indispensable part of your decision-making process.

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