Important Things About LED High Mast Light

LED high mast lights are a great way to improve the efficiency of your lighting systems. Not only can they save you money on your energy bills, but they also offer several other benefits that can pay for themselves quickly. LEDs have lenses that direct light where it is most needed. Conventional luminaries often have to be placed on just one side of the mast, creating an unequal load. LEDs have all these benefits and are easily installed.


The Yunnan Kunming International Airport completed an energy-saving renovation of its apron high mast led flood light with the help of UNIKE TECHNOLOGY. The company provided comprehensive energy-saving solutions, utilizing high-efficiency LED light sources to improve the quality of the apron’s lighting. The airport’s energy-saving project helped to promote the construction of an environmentally friendly international airport.

Low glare

LEDs work well with a variety of controls, including dimmers, photo-sensors, and occupancy sensors. LED high mast lights can be paired with a lights control system, which can control the lights and lower the mast as needed. In some applications, LED high mast lights can reduce energy consumption by as much as 80%, which means that they can help save up to $8,000 a year! Low glare LED high mast lights are particularly suitable for use in wind farms, where the wind can cause a hazardous glare problem.

No flicker

No flicker LED high mast lights are designed to produce a narrow beam of uniform light with a flat distribution. In addition to providing high-quality lighting, these luminaires can reduce energy consumption by as much as 70%. The high-power LEDs used by these luminaires have a lifespan of more than ten years, making them an excellent choice for any high-mast lighting project. In addition, no flicker LEDs are durable and offer long-term energy and maintenance savings.

Low power consumption

Lights with LED high Mast Lights are the ideal solution to light the night sky. LED lights are energy-efficient and have been endorsed through the Design Light Consortium. The LED drivers are engineered to carry out a number of sub-tasks at once and in a sequence such as overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and overtemperature protection. Lights with high-mast LED Lights can also be designed to be used in diverse applications, including areas of lighting that are specifically designed for high-elevation lighting for work. With a five-year warranty that is limited and ISO9001 and 14001 certified manufacture, Yaham Lighting provides a diverse range of top-quality LED products that satisfy the requirements of a variety of customers.

Compatible with dimmers

When converting to LED light bulbs, make sure the dimmer is compatible with your new LED lamps. While LED bulbs are dimmable, they require special dimmer switches. Traditional dimmer switches cannot handle the lower voltage required by LED lights. Be sure to check the manual to see which bulbs are compatible. You may also be able to use an electronic dimmer instead of a traditional switch. LEDs have a lower wattage than incandescent bulbs, so be sure to use a dimmer designed specifically for them.

Work well with occupancy sensors

Spaces with no obstructions can be more difficult for PIR and US-based occupancy sensors. Dual-tech models can aid in reducing this issue. Dual-technology sensors blend two of the technologies into one unit, and they are only activated when both sensors detect activity in the space. They also are more efficient in detecting tiny movements such as the movements of a person within different rooms. Additionally, they can prevent nuisance by switching the dual-tech occupancy sensors to stop lights from switching off.

Compliant with Buy American Act

A high mast LED light is different in size and design from a typical street light. Lighting fixtures with high masts are typically placed at heights of 60-100 feet, and up to 250 feet. Contrary to normal street lights are positioned at an elevation of 30 to 50 feet. High mast lights with LEDs from LiteLume are completely compliant with Buy American Act requirements. They are especially suitable to be used in large outdoor fields. They are also available in models of 400/600W.


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