Important Things To Include In A Resume

Before one’s resume reaches the organization. It makes the first and the last impression of one even before the one makes. No matter how well-educated and experienced one is, if the resume is not good enough to make an impression, years of hard work and experience can go in vain. Writing a resume has never been an easy job. It is the first impression of one the organization and its team want to see. In the competitive world, it is necessary to stand out in the crowd. One resume is that one thing that can help one in making that first right impression. Here in this article, we are going to focus on the things which are necessary for a good resume.

Must Include Things In A Resume

Writing a resume has never been an easy task no matter how experienced and well-educated one is. It’s a situational task that varies as per the situation. All the professional resume writing services in India also take care of this part. Every resume varies from each other according to the post and level of experience. The resume differs depending on whether one is applying for an internship, a job, or a Ph.D. course. The best way to write a resume is to tailor the same as per the situation. But every resume must include a section that one always needs to keep in mind.

  • Contact Details

Contact details or the contact information is the soul of any resume. Just imagine one’s resume reaching the HR team without the contact details. The HR team went through one’s profile and was quite impressed with that, but then the contact details were missing. Or the contact details given were not proper. In such a situation the HR team has nothing to lose, but one has a lot to lose. So, make sure next time while writing a resume this section is well maintained and not missed out.

The first and most important thing in any resume’s contact section is the name. The generally followed and preferred format is Name, Last Name followed by the designation right below the name. When we say designation it’s the one you are currently applying for. For example, if one is applying for an internship as a content writer or the HR manager then the designation will be Content Writing Intern or HR Manager so on and so forth.

The name section of the resume is followed by the contact details which are one’s professional email id and contact number. In case one doesn’t have a professional email id it’s better to create one just for professional use. Make sure the email id contains the name and last name. A professional email id should look professional; it should not have a nickname or any family member’s name. Another key point is to keep it as short as possible. Make sure the professional email id is not too long.

Right below your email id, one needs to insert their correct contact number. In case one is mentioning a telephone number, an STD code should also get mentioned. If the job or the position one is applying for is outside their country then it’s a must to mention the country code. Make sure the number mentioned is in working condition and not facing any issues.

In this section, one can also give a mention of their social media profile/handle and blogs. After all, social media is the modern window into a person’s personality. Make sure the profile or the handle mentioned is proper and correct. Also, it should be decent and there should be nothing political, against any religion, caste, or community.

  • Opening Statement And Resume Objective

An opening statement or a summary is a must for any resume. Be it a job application or an internship. The opening statement is the first thing the recruiter will have a look at. These few lines depend on one’s entire life as these lines decide the future of one’s resume. Whether the resume will go in the trash bin or will get selected depends on the opening statement of the resume.

What Is The Opening Statement?

The opening statement is a summary of one’s entire career and work experiences. A 2-3 sentence long resume contains the job and years of experience. In the opening statement itself, one can mention the achievements. Here one can also add about how one’s past experiences and learning will benefit the company.

What Is The Resume Objective?

Here in this section of the resume, one needs to mention the motivation behind applying for that particular job or position. Similarly, like the opening statement, it is written using 2-3 sentences. Here you can also add about how your past experiences and learning will benefit the company.

In case one is experienced and has worked for 2 or more years. It’s better to not include the resume objective. Because the work experience will likely make the right impression rather than the motivation and goals.

  • Experiences

This section is the main section on any resume. Here in this section, one needs to thoroughly speak out about their past job roles and experiences. This section follows with a job title, in short about the company and what was one’s role in the company. Try to make it short, crisp, and catchy. Make sure not to boot too much. If possible, write this section in point form rather than lengthy paragraphs. Also, don’t forget to mention the achievements and targets accomplished there. Try to accompany it with statistics to make it catchier.

  • Skills

Another most important part of any resume skills. Here in this section, one needs to mention their skills and hobbies. While writing this section one needs to keep a few things in mind that is- skills should match the current job position one applied for. Here in this section, one can mention their soft and hard skills. One can also mention any other skill one possesses that is unique to them. Here one can also mention hobbies in brief. If one knows an extra language then don’t forget to add that too. It adds extra charm to the resume

  • Education

This is another important section of the resume. Here one needs to mention their education qualification. This follows with the name of the institution, qualification, year one qualified in, and of course the grades and percentage. Another thing one needs to keep in mind is that the most recent qualification comes right on top followed by the later ones. In case one is a fresher and new to the corporate world with no experience at all, then it is better to mention education qualification right after the opening statement.


The abovementioned sections must be included in any resume. So Next time while writing one doesn’t miss out on them. Other than these sections one can always mention the certificates and awards. Also, if they have done any volunteering work. Make sure to use professional language to write the resume. To make the resume stand out, you can also take help from resume writing services in India.

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