Indian Farmers Protest: Destroy Standing Crops

Our demands are not being listened to, now we will not grow crops to sell to the government
Web Desk February 26, 2021
Indian farmer
Saharanpur: The farmers’ movement in India is in full swing but the Modi government is not ready to listen to them.

Farmers in the Saharanpur district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh drove tractors on their wheat crop in protest against agricultural laws. Farmers returned home in despair after destroying their crops with their own hands.

In Dhaba village of Bhat area of ​​Saharanpur district, many farmers ruined the wheat crop by driving a tractor due to non-payment of sugarcane, non-hearing of the ongoing farmers’ movement against agricultural laws and excessive electricity bills.

In this regard, the farmers expressed their frustration with the Modi government, saying that agricultural laws have been opposed for a long time but the government is not ready to listen to the farmers.

Farmers say they will now grow only enough crops to support their families. They will no longer grow crops to sell to the government.

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