iTop Data Recovery Best Features to Help You Recover Lost Data

Many people still think that files that have been deleted cannot be recovered. Even though this is not entirely true, if one or more files have been deleted, there is still a way to restore them.

This applies to files of any format, be it images, videos, documents, or even applications.

Recover Lost Data with iTop Data Recovery

If you experience file data loss, it is very annoying, especially if the file is essential and still valuable. However, if you experience a data loss situation, whether it was deleted intentionally or accidentally, don’t be confused and panic first because we have a solution, namely, using iTop Data Recovery.

iTop Data Recovery is a software that is useful for restoring lost data from various conditions such as accidentally deleted and lost from the recycle bin, lost due to malware and viruses, restoring email, and much more, both from computer hard drives and USB devices.

The way these software works is to recover the lost data and can reappear on your device. iTop Data Recovery software specifically for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

In addition, the iTop Data Recovery software is free for you to use, and there is no need to pay any subscription fees.

What Are the Advantages of iTop Data Recovery Software?

This iTop Data Recovery software has several advantages to help recover lost data on PC devices. What are those? Let’s see some of them below:

1. Extremely Fast Data Recovery

This software doesn’t take long to recover deleted files Windows 10. You can get that data or file back in just a few minutes.

Of course, everything also depends on the amount and size of the data that must be recovered. But in essence, the recovery process does not take hours.

2. Support Various Formats and From External Sources

With iTop Data Recovery software, you can recover data in various formats. It supports more than 1000 formats, be it images, music, documents, videos, and others.

The software also supports data recovery from external sources such as hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, SSDs, etc. Although from the outside, the process is just as fast.

3. Many People Have Used It

iTop Data Recovery Software is the best choice for those of you who want to recover lost data. This software has been proven and has been used by many people from all over the world. To date, it has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

4. Success Rate 95%

The data recovery rate of this best data recovery software reaches 95%; of course, it is impossible to be 100% because the software must have its drawbacks. In any other way, surely the data returned will not be 100%.

The recovery rate owned by iTop is quite high. No other software or application can recover data at such a high rate.

5. Free 24/7 Support

iTop offers a free consultation service, and you can ask the iTop Data Recovery customer service before downloading the software so you can use it directly.


If you want to recover the lost data on your device, iTop Data Recovery can be used as one of the best recovery tools. All you need is to install it in your device, do some scanning, and start recovering all the data that you want to restore.

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