Jinny to challenge Satomura for NXT UK Women’s Title


The must-see NXT UK edition will feature a fight for the NXT Women’s Championship between champion Meiko Satomura and challenger Jinny, NXT UK Champion Ilya Dragunov, facing WWE Universe after a grueling title retention against A.-Kids and more.

The final boss became the gold standard for the NXT UK after winning the title from Kei Li Rae in June and finally completing The Forever Champion’s 649-day streak.

A living legend and quick-witted student of the game, Satomura used a combination of astounding punches and veteran know-how to maintain her championship in thrilling fights against Amal and Stevie Turner.

However, the cunning Jinny is arguably Satomura’s greatest test. In addition to a quick start to the career of Joseph Conners, the fashionista has established herself as one of the most dangerous and calculating members of the WWE.

The fashionista has earned her first league title since January after impressive victories over Aoife Valkyrie, Isla Down and Emilia Mackenzie, and everything is set for what is guaranteed to be a thrilling championship clash.

And speaking of exciting championship matches, Dragunov just started his wild fight with A-Kid, who pushed The Mad Russian to the limit three weeks ago.

After Dragunov barely defeated A-Kid, will there be a new challenger?

Additionally, Rampage Brown will enter the ring to face Flash Morgan Webster, who collided with Brown backstage and tried to land the first punch. Instead, Brown grabbed his opponent, pushed him against the wall, and said that all he had to do was ask for a match.


And the mysterious Isla Dawn, who has been collecting trophies from other women in NXT UK, is once again in the fight against Angel Hayze.

Don’t miss the stunning NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 4:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm GMT on Peacock in the US and WWE worldwide!


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