Jiro and Waller collide, Maverick returns to take on Hale on 205 Live


The thrilling episode of the purple brand will showcase the clash between former 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick and Asher Hale, as well as the battle between two eccentric rivals in Ikemen, Jiro and Grayson Waller.

It seems entirely possible – if not likely – that Waller is somewhat unhappy with his next opponent, since Jiro was chosen to play in the NXT Breakout and Waller was not.

Although Waller hastened to shout: “I already got out!” For all who listen, the Australian competitor will no doubt be keen to make a statement at Jiro’s expense, especially after losing each of his last two matches.

Whether it’s singles or team play, the Giro has scored some impressive victories since debuting in May and remains undefeated at 205 Live. However, like Waller, Jiro wants to bounce back from the defeat as he was knocked out of the NXT Breakout Tournament in the first round by Duke Hudson.

205 Live

Although Maverick rarely appeared on 205 Live during his performance as the brand’s general manager from 2017 to 2019, he was a well-traveled, versatile superstar who will yearn once again to make 205 Live live up to its “most exciting hour on television.” … Nickname.

Since retiring from the purple brand, Maverick has raced multiple times in the 24/7 championship, competed at the NXT and finished second in a tense and inspiring race at the NXT to crown the new heavyweight champion in May 2020.

Check out 205 Live on Friday at 10.9 C on Peacock in the US and WWE all over the world!


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