John Cena tweets high praise for The Miz after WWE 24 episode


For a guy who has no doubt that most of the WWE universe hates him, even Miz couldn’t help but feel love this weekend.

In addition to numerous social media calls for Miz to play Johnny Cage in the sequel to the recently released film Mortal Kombat, WWE’s most popular superstar has also been the subject of WWE’s newest episode 24, WWE Network documentaries. ‘long-running and critically acclaimed documentary series.

The episode, spanning Miz’s entire career, from reality TV star to true WWE legend, premiered yesterday. Peacock and was immediately praised from all over the WWE universe.

However, perhaps the loudest applause came from someone who knows Miz better than others: his former nemesis, John Cena

The Senation leader who famously challenged Meese for the WWE title in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII spared no words in a tweet, tweeting both WWE Episode 24 and Meese’s impressive work ethic:

Miz responded to the show of respect in a subsequent tweet by tilting his cap towards Cena.

If you missed the WWE 24: The Miz premiere, fear not: you can watch the entire episode anytime on demand, streaming exclusively on Peacock in the US and on the WWE network all over the place.


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