Kane to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame


Kane will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021

Kane is the last inductee to be inducted into the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame. The Big Red Monster was surprised by the news of his brother Undertaker during WWE’s The Bump.

The Devil’s Favorite Demon will be kept in the Sacred Hall during the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Tuesday April 6, streaming exclusively on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE’s network in other countries.

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Kane’s legendary career has been intertwined with Dead Man’s career from the start. Long thought to have died in a fire at their family’s funeral home, Kane emerged from hellfire and brimstone to pursue his brother in the fall of 1997, shamefully ripping out the door from hell in a cell to confront The Undertaker and start one of the most real fierce WWE rivalries.

To settle the score, The Big Red Monster and The Phenom clashed in every type of match imaginable. They fought surrounded by flames in the first ever Inferno Match, were locked in a cell in hell, and even tried to bury each other alive. It’s amazing they’ve ever gotten along, but they did, proving that they are one of WWE’s deadliest teams. The Brothers of Destruction wreaked havoc on WWE, winning the World Tag Team and WCW Tag Team titles.

Kane has also embraced the lighter side of things in WWE, as exemplified by his time with Daniel Brian on Team Hell No. The couple’s stay in an anger management class left WWE fans rolling on the floor in laughter, as did their infamous attempt to “hug him” in the middle of the ring. Aside from a warm hug, the duo have also been a threat in the ring and have won WWE team titles.

When Kane was not on the tag team, he also ended up as one of the most dominant superstars in history. The Devil’s Favorite Demon has won the WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Title, Intercontinental Title and won money in the 2010 Bank Ladder Match. Anyone with a resume like this will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Don’t miss to see Kane take his place in sports and entertainment history during his 2021 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Tuesday April 6th, which will air exclusively on Peacock in the US and WWE in other countries. The ceremony will feature the 2020 class featuring The nWo, The Bella Twins, JBL, British Bulldog, and Jushin “Thunder” Liger, as well as the 2021 class featuring Kane, Molly Holly and Eric Bischoff.


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