Keeping Rodents Away – What Should You Know

Keeping Rodents Away: Rats, mice, and all other types of rodents can cause a lot of damage to your property and health before you realize anything. Small crevices or holes are good enough for the rodents to enter your homes. Apart from causing a lot of damage to your walls, furniture, and other material possessions, rodents also bring about serious health concerns. They are disease carriers; therefore, you should do all you can to keep them at bay.

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If they have entered your homes, you should focus on spotting them as early as possible and prevent the spread of rodent infestations from spreading, for your own good. When you spot small and black droppings in your kitchen, dark & moist corners of the house, or somewhere near food or water, you can be sure that rodents have entered your homes. Though several home remedies can help control rodent infestations, we recommend you to call a professional rodent control company to inspect the extent of infestations and take measures to keep them at bay for good.

Here are some simple but effective tips that you can follow to keep rodents away from your garden, homes, and other places.

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  • Keep exiting rodents away – Trapping and baiting are the two common methods to keep existing rodents at bay. You should use non-toxic baits, especially if you have kids and pets at home.
  • Keep crevices sealed – If you have any cracks or seals on your doors and windows, get them cleaned at the earliest. Check the leakages of the tap regularly, and get them corrected at the earliest possible opportunity so that the areas are free from rodents.
  • Keep your yard clean – It is important to keep your yard cleaned at regular intervals to free it from debris, clutter, and garbage. A yard that is full of dirt looks attractive for rodents. If you have many shrubs and plants in your yard, ensure that you plant them at a safe distance from each other, so that there is no room for insects and rodents.
  • Remove food sources from outdoors – Sometimes, fruits and berries from trees & shrubs fall on the yards. If you don’t clean them away immediately, they can attract many rodents. Also, you need to be very careful while leaving food & water outside for your pets or birds. These food and water sources are some of the easy access points for rodents to enter your property. Please remember to clear the food sources regularly so that you can prohibit the entry of rodents inside your home.
  • Keep your kitchens clean – Food and water sources lying open in the kitchen attract rodents easily. Every night before going to bed, please check if you have closed all the food sources tightly. Seal the water bottles and containers tightly. Make sure to close the garbage bin tightly, so that rodents cannot access it.
  • Try home remedies like mint leaves or essential oil – The strong scent of mint leaves and essential oils (like lavender) can keep rodents away forever. You can plant mint leaves in our garden to keep them safe from these pests.

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