Killian Dain & Drake Maverick set to battle Imperium following weeks of strife


Killian Dayne and Drake Maverick set off to battle the Imperium after weeks of strife.

Mysterious situation between Cillian Dayne & Drake Maverick and Imperium will air on NXT tonight as they clash in team action.

Alexander Wolf – Dain’s former stablemate SAnitY – set up a three-on-one ambush earlier this month after Dain & Drake lost to NXT Tag Team Champions MSK.

But when Drake came to seek retribution last week, Dane held him back, which later led to an altercation between the two partners.

Will they return to the same page tonight when they run into Marcel Bartel & Fabian Eichner? Or will they be conquered by the Imperium?

Find out on 8/7 C on the US Network!


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