Know Before You Go – WrestleMania FAQ’s



What is the WrestleMania app?
The WrestleMania app provides a one-stop shop for all your event information, including tickets, merchandise, food and drink, parking and more. … Visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store and download the WrestleMania app to learn more about the WrestleMania event.


What time do the doors open?
4:30 pm EST

What time does the show start?
6:30 PM EST


What if I feel unwell on the day of the event?
Please stay at home NOT come to the event and follow the CDC guidelines. Please contact the event venue ticket office (813) 301-2500 prior to the event. You can also contact Ticketmaster Fan Support (see below). WWE has a flexible ticket policy if you need to change your plans due to illness.


Chat or Email with Ticketmaster Fan Support Only via a computer and not via the Ticketmaster app.

To contact Ticketmaster Fan Support: If you have an order, click here (which will take you to your order history) and then follow these steps:

  • Find your order (which you need to contact TM about) in the “Upcoming” tab and click on “Details”.
  • Click Contact Us in the lower right corner of the event details page and select Chat or Email.

Do I need to wear a mask?
Guests aged 5 and over must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. When entering the security screening area, guests must wear masks until they leave the stadium, unless they are actively eating or drinking. Guests can enter any indoor or outdoor service booth to collect their complimentary KN95 mask prior to or during the event. WWE branded masks will be available at the event.

Will my temperature be measured at the venue?
Yes, all fans will have their temperature taken before entering Raymond James Stadium. If your temperature is over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, you will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Will hand sanitizer be sold at the venue?
Raymond James Stadium has approximately 600 hand sanitizing stations located in parking lots and throughout the stadium.

Will there be a health check on the fans?
Every person in your group (including children) attending WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium must agree to the Terms of Participation, Waiver and Waiver, and COVID-19 Health Questionnaire. within 24-48 hours from the date of the event. WWE will send customers a questionnaire within 24 hours of Saturday’s event by email, the WrestleMania app or QR codes will be available at Raymond James Stadium prior to entry. If you have any problems filling out the questionnaire before your arrival, or if you received a RED X, please contact support at (813) 350-6500.

How will social distancing measures be applied?
To ensure the safety of all guests, stadium staff and security will be stationed throughout the stadium to monitor and enforce social distancing measures and face protection policies. For more information on health and safety protocols at the stadium click here

What if I have a problem with another fan and I don’t feel safe?
Guests are encouraged to use the stadium support text line – TEXT 33607 – to report any fan issues.


What kind of security checks will be carried out?
All visitors undergo a security check using a walk-through magnetometer. Please leave all items in your pockets when passing through the magnetometer.

What is baggage policy?
No bags (including plastic / transparent) are allowed on the stadium. One small clutch, no more than 4.5 inches, is allowed. x 6.5 inches.

Can I bring medical supplies?
Any medically necessary items must be submitted online 72 hours prior to the event by completing the Special Needs Request Form. For more information click here

Can I take a diaper bag with me?
No bags (including plastic / transparent) are allowed on the stadium. One small clutch, no more than 4.5 inches, is allowed. x 6.5 inches.

Will re-entry be allowed?
Re-entry to WrestleMania is prohibited.

Is smoking allowed at Raymond James Stadium?
Raymond James Stadium is non-smoking.

Will cameras or VCRs be allowed?
Cameras longer than 12 inches (including body, lens and filter) are not allowed. Camera bags and cases are not permitted. DVRs and GoPros are prohibited.

Will signs be allowed at WrestleMania?
Yes, only portable pointers are allowed if they meet the following requirements

  • Signs can only be made of paper material. No wood, no metal.

  • No signs on sticks.

  • No lights, batteries, or electronics on the signs.

  • Signs may not be commercial, political or obscene.

  • Signs must not obstruct the view of other guests or the stadium signs.

  • WWE reserves the right to confiscate marks that violate this policy.

What gate should I enter?
Check your ticket for exit destination. Tickets for clubs and suites must enter the designated entrances on the east and west sides of the stadium. If your seats are on the FLOOR, you MUST drive through the designated lanes at Gate C or D at the southern end of the stadium.


This will be a cashless settlement. Only credit cards, debit cards and contactless payment methods are accepted.

Reverse ATMs will be available at selected locations in the stadium and outside the box office to convert cash into a universal VISA card.

What is contactless payments?
Contactless payment systems are credit and debit cards, including smartphones and other mobile devices (Apple Pay / Google Pay), that use radio frequency identification or near field communication for secure payments.

What is a reverse ATM machine?
A reverse ATM is an ATM that, instead of dispensing cash, allows users to convert paper money into a universal VISA card. Reverse ATMs will be available at selected locations in the stadium.


Where can I buy tickets to WrestleMania?
The official supplier of WrestleMania tickets is Ticketmaster. WrestleMania will be 100% mobile ticketing. All tickets will be sold online, no paper tickets. Tickets will NOT be sold at the stadium box office.

What is a mobile ticket?
Mobile ticketing turns your phone into your contactless ticketing ticket, allowing guests to enter the stadium faster. There will be no paper tickets. If you do not have access to mobile ticketing, proceed to the Raymond James Stadium customer service booths at the appropriate exits. Click on here for more information on Ticketmaster mobile tickets.

Do children under 2 need a ticket to WrestleMania?
No, only children from 2 years old need a ticket. Children under 2 years old should sit on the lap of their parents or guardians, not take their place.

Will my ticket show my entrance gate?
Yes, every mobile ticket will show your gate.

What are capsule seating?
Seating for events will be limited, and seats at Raymond James Stadium will be housed in capsules to provide social distancing. The stands will be placed in groups of 1 to 6 seats. The pods must be purchased whole and cannot be split. Tickets in a capsule may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than family members / trusted acquaintances who choose to attend the event together, unless all such tickets (i.e. full container) are sold or transferred to the same party. Guests in individual capsules are asked to respect their distance from each other to ensure a safe environment for everyone at the event.

Will WrestleMania 2020 tickets be accepted for entry?
Please note that tickets for WrestleMania 2020 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON APPLICATION for this event.

Any questions regarding refunds for tickets to WrestleMania 36 should be directed to Ticketmaster or the ticket office where they were originally purchased. If you purchased tickets through a secondary or resale website, you will need to go to the point of purchase to inquire about return and / or credit options, if any. Refunds for WrestleMania 2020 via Ticketmaster and Ticket Office are only available to the person who purchased tickets directly from that point of sale. If tickets have been transferred to you, you will need to return them to the original purchaser in order to benefit from any return options.


Is there a parking lot?
Yes, prepaid parking is highly recommended. Prepaid VIP parking is available at or the Park Jockey app. Click on here for more information on parking.

What time do the parking lots open?
The car parks will open at 15:30 every day. Cars arriving before 15:30 will not receive early access to lots.

Are there any pick up and drop off locations for fans?
Yes, public transportation is located on the north side of the stadium off N. Dale Mabrey, next to the footbridge. This is for public transport, disabled people drop-off, taxi drop-off and pick-up, buses, limousines, and sharing options. Please click here for more information.

Will tail riding be allowed?
This activity is prohibited.


Will concessions be on sale?
All food and drinks will be available and conveniently packaged. Eating and drinking outside the home is prohibited.

Will queues for concession stands be socially distanced?
Yes, all concession stand locations will have social distancing markings and traffic signs.

Will WWE products be sold at events?
Yes, the goods will be available inside and outside the stadium. All kiosks with goods will be non-cash, and social distancing measures will be in place. WWE merchandise will offer pre-order options.

Special conditions

Will ADA have a separate entrance?
Yes, use the exit indicated on your mobile ticket.

Where are the special lifts for disabled guests?
Disabled lifts are located next to the Ford and C gates. For more information, click here

What services are available for disabled guests?
Raymond James Stadium offers a wide range of facilities for disabled guests. For more information click here visit their accessibility web page.

Are there pick up and drop off points for people with disabilities?
Guests with disabilities may be dropped off outside the stadium at designated parking entrances next to the gates indicated on their tickets. For more information click here

Will there be wheelchair storage?
Wheelchair storage facilities are available in all guest services booths, WWE is not responsible for wheelchairs, and visitors leaving them at guest facilities do so at their own risk.


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