Kushida faces Santos Escobar in 2-out-of-3 Falls Match


NXT Heavyweight Champion Kushida Looks Like Best Santos Escobar Of The Match

Kushida shocked Santos Escobar become the NXT heavyweight champion. However, to keep the title, he will have to beat Escobar twice.

Next Tuesday night at the NXT, the two will clash for the championship in a 2-of-3 match.

After ending a two-year odyssey with a breakout championship win last month, Kushida has gifted the NXT Universe with one of the most memorable moments of wellness in quite a while.

Escobar, however, is determined to end Kushida’s tales. Beam Emperor Escobar refused to quietly leave the night after losing the title, and two weeks ago he brutally cracked down on Kushida in a six-man match.

Perhaps knowing Kushida’s warlike spirit all too well, Escobar probably got exactly what he wanted in the form of this rematch.

Will Escobar regain his dominance, or does Kushida just have his number?


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