Legit Online Dispensary Canada Places Are Hard To Find

Since 2018, Canada has made cannabis legal in the country. This has changed how the buying and selling of cannabis worked forever.

I remember when this news was announced. I was so excited that I can finally use marijuana without the fear of being prosecuted.

Gone are the days that my friends and I would smoke a joint in the basement with all the windows close because we were afraid that the cops will arrest us. Ahh… I miss the good old days.

Now, it is better than ever. This has resulted in so many dispensaries opening up left and right.

When I first started buying cannabis, there were not many options at all. Fast forward to 2022, there are literally hundreds of online dispensaries that you can buy weed from.

Even physical store location for dispensaries are opening up like crazy. It just makes me wonder how many new people are trying out the drug every single day.

With so many online dispensary Canada places coming up, how do you know which are legit and which are not?

Truthfully, legit dispensaries are just hard to find nowadays. Everyone just wants to make the most profit and cut every corner they can get.

So, how exactly do you find a legit place to buy cannabis from?

Let’s read on to find out.

Read Reviews

This is by far the best thing to look at before buying from a dispensary. If they do not have many good reviews, I would advise you to stay far away from it.

Once, I bought from a cannabis dispensary that had no name and ratings. Why? Because it was late at night and I wanted to have a good time and smoke my night away.

Bad idea. The cannabis I bought was low quality and did not hit the mark at all. Worse of all, it was pretty expensive.

The dispensary charged much higher because they knew that people like myself would go to them if they really needed some cananbis at the very last minute.

If I just waited til the morning, i could have bought from more reputable places like a dispensary such as ODKushDaddy. That would have saved me a lot of hassle!

Good reviews will also put you at ease and make you feel secure in buying from the dispensary.

Ask Your Friend

If you smoke cannabis, chances are your friends will also do the same.

If that is the case, simply ask your peers where they buy their cannabis from. They may be getting good deals too that you can benefit from!

Nowadays, you can even buy in bulk to save more money. So, you can time yourself to buy cannabis with friends at a certain time and split the product evenly.

In this way, you guys will all get more bang for your buck.

I recently did this too with some friends. We bought 16 ounces of cannabis for as cheap as $49 an ounce. Yes, you read that right. Just $49 an ounce!

If you want to know where I got this deal from, just search up “ODKushDaddy” if you are in Canada. They are a great dispensary that I love so much!


Legit Online Dispensary Canada Places Are Hard To Find. However, if you know the right people and have the right connections, you can really make your money buy more cannabis indeed.

Good luck out there my friend!

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