Mobile Commerce: 7 tips for a better mobile online store

Whether in the evening on the couch, in the morning at the bus stop or at noon in the cafe – more and more often all free time is used to surf the net with your smartphone or tablet. Quite often, one or the other online shop is visited. Be it just to browse, buy something specifically, get a bargain or compare prices.

7 tips for your mobile optimized online shop

Do you need support with the mobile optimization of your online shop or e-commerce platform? Do you have any hints or questions? Then do not hesitate to contact magento 2 migration services. A brief overview with 7 tips that we think you should keep in mind for a mobile optimization project here:

1. Mobile usability:

If the shop cannot be operated intuitively with your fingers and swipe gestures, it often becomes very difficult for smartphone users or sometimes even for tablet users. Complicated operation frustrates your customers. Particularly common are problems with “drop-down” navigations that do not work properly on mobile devices.

Tip: Enable the smooth navigation and operation of your online shop via mobile devices.

2. Mobile presentation:

If the shop or website on the mobile phone looks like on the PC, it becomes impractical and the user has to zoom a lot. In case of doubt, he does not hit the small elements with his finger. Frustration arises here as well – which you should definitely avoid with your customers. The tiny fonts and too small navigation elements are clearly visible. The user must necessarily zoom in order to be able to operate it. 

Tip: Ensure an appropriate and user-friendly presentation across the common resolutions.

3. Mobile charging times

As already mentioned, it is always important to keep loading times low. Because even if mobile users are used to certain websites taking a little longer with their smartphone than with the notebook, they have a tolerance limit. This leads to the jump of your customer if exceeded. Shorter loading times can be achieved both through optimized content and not too large image files as well as through powerful ecommerce hosting.

Tip: Try to keep the amount of data for mobile devices as low as possible and consider professional online shop hosting. If needed, use the help of ecommerce marketplace development companies.

4. Streaming or downloads

Nothing is more annoying than looking at a website with your mobile phone that immediately starts videos or offers 5mb PDF or image files for download. Your customers often have a data plan that guarantees 300mb of data volume per month. Once these are used up, your customer surfs at a low data transfer rate. You should also be considerate of these customers.

Tip: Avoid automatic loading or reloading of files and content.

5. Mobile SEO

Yes, mobile websites should also be optimized for search engines. Especially after Google announced in November that it would also mark this in the German search results. Here is the wording what Google will pay attention to to mark a page as mobile optimized:

  • Software unusual for mobile devices such as Flash is avoided.
  • The text can be read without zooming.
  • The size of the content is adapted to the respective screen so that users do not have to scroll or zoom horizontally.
  • The distance between links is large enough for users to easily tap on the desired link.

Tip: Take care of search engine optimization today and consult experts.

6. Use Call 2 Actions

Mobile sites do not offer much space for information and from economic aspects, the conclusion, purchase or contact in e-commerce is often in the foreground. Therefore, you should design your pages as much as possible so that a Call2Action is the focus in the visible area and the customer can perform the following action easily and quickly.

Tip: Use elements such as Call2Actions to focus your customers on what is essential to you.

7. Best practices

Are there competitors or online shops in other industries that you like? Maybe you can shop yourself from time to time via your tablet. What do you like and why? Are there any features that you particularly like and still miss on your platform? Take notes and capture the ideas. When designing optimization approaches, it is never wrong to show the trust service provider suggestions or examples of how to imagine a design or functionality on mobile devices.

Tip: Surf the World Wide Web with your eyes open.

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