Modern-day romantic mystery movies and series that we consider a must-watch!

If you are looking for some mystery mixed with romance, you have certainly come to the right place. Grab your popcorn and divert your attention toward your TV. The viewing will be way better if the TV is wall mounted of course! Haven’t you heard this is way better and has less chance of causing eye and neck strain? (Click here for TV wall mounting services). Well, let’s not get off on a tangent, and let’s jump into some recommendations for some great modern-day romantic mystery movies and series for all those mystery hunters out there!  

Pretty Little Liars 

When four estranged friends, also known as the “Pretty Little Liars”, are reunited around a year after their clique leader Alison’s disappearance, they shortly realise that they are in trouble when they begin to receive threatening anonymous text messages. With the automatic assumption that Alison is behind the text messages, they realise, as the series goes on, that this is not the case and the long road of torment begins. Despite the danger, there certainly is still time for relationships (and relationship complications) to spark. We don’t want to give any spoilers, but with student-teacher relationships, as well as two of the “liars” being romantically involved, the relationships within the show are nothing short of intense. Oh, and let’s not forget that some stable relationships last all the way! For all 7 seasons, be sure to check out this highly favoured show on Netflix today. 

Paper Towns 

Childhood friends, Quentin and Margo have not bonded since they were young kids when they came across the body of a resident who committed suicide. Years later, while in high school, adventurous Margo decides to jump through Quentin’s window throughout the night even though they haven’t communicated for years! Little does Margo know that Quentin, nicknamed Q, has been besotted with her for years. After a night gallivanting around the town together, seeking revenge on those who had done Margo wrong, she unexpectedly disappears from the town the next day. Now, it is up to Q to find her and follow the mystery steps to confess his love.  

Desperate Housewives 

Another modern-day romantic mystery favourite has got to be Desperate Housewives. The show was admired throughout its eight seasons and is the pinnacle of a successful mystery series. Set in the iconic Wisteria Lane, the season opens with a close-knit group of friends living within the estate discovering that their close friend has committed suicide. Little do the audience know that this is only the beginning of the twists, turns, and mysteries that are about to unfold on this cliquish street. This mystery drama alongside its characters has kept dedicated fans on their toes for years with the plot twists and surprises that unfold. So be sure to dedicate some time to catch up on the much-loved hype that is Desperate Housewives.   

The Weekend Away 

One of Netflix’s newest releases, “The Weekend Away” is the ultimate modern-day romantic mystery film with a thriller spin on it. Best friends Beth and Kate embark on a girl’s trip to Croatia and head out clubbing to enjoy themselves. When Beth, who has recently become a mother, reveals that her marriage isn’t working out, Kate unusually urges her to have a one-night stand. Following their night out, Beth wakes up dazed and realises that Kate is missing. The hunt to find her is on, but along the way, she becomes a potential suspect and runs into several other complications that reveal one of Kate’s darkest secrets. A love triangle filled with mystery and suspense, what more could you ask for? If you loved Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl, you are bound to love her playing the lead role in The Weekend Away.  

Murder Mystery 

Nothing screams comedy quite like Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler starring alongside one another in a film. Even better when there is a mystery twist involved! When married couple, Nick and Audrey finally embark on their much-anticipated trip to Europe, a wrong choice of decisions leaves them bang in the centre of a murder frenzy. Instead of heading off on a bus tour, a run-in with a billionaire leads to a trip on a yacht with his family and friends, but events start to take a turn when individuals begin to get murdered and the blame is pinned on Nick and Audrey. Even though Nick lies to Audrey and states that he has recently become a detective, the pair end up doing a pretty good job solving the crime and detecting the murderer. Married couple goals to say the least! Be sure to check out this modern-day romantic mystery with a touch of humour today. 

The Lovebirds 

You truly cannot go wrong with a Netflix Original production. In one of their newest releases, “The Lovebirds”, Jibran and Leilani decide that their long-term relationship should be coming to an end after acknowledging indifferences. Whilst breaking up in the car, Jibran runs a red light and ends up hitting a man on a bicycle. After denying help, another individual shows up claiming to be a police officer and announces that the man on the bike is a criminal and resorts to running him over. Now tied up in a murder scene, the pair’s relationship is truly put to the test as they attempt to find out the route of the murder without notifying the police with the scare that their story will sound made up. It’s not often that a breakup leads to two exes involved in a murder mystery!

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