Mysterio to face Reigns in a Hell in a Cell Match on SmackDown tomorrow night


Rey Mysterio is demanding retaliation against Universal Champion Roman Raines for the attacks that the Head of the Table rained down on him and his son Dominic, and he does not want to wait for WWE Hell in a Cell. He wants Reigns tomorrow night for SmackDown.

Hungry for reckoning, Master 619 sent out a tweet Thursday night challenging Big Dog for the blue brand.

The Reigns were also taken over on Twitter, making it clear that if Rey wanted to play a match on Friday night, he would simply shift the schedule to disgrace what was left of Mysterio’s last name.

As a result, the leaders of two of WWE’s most iconic families will battle it out for the universal title at SmackDown inside this gruesome structure two days earlier.

The elder Mysterio clashed with the Head of the Table at SmackDown following a brutal attack by the Universal Champion on his son Dominic. Father and son launched a kendo attack with a stick, which Raines narrowly escaped. The Mysterio have carried the target on their backs like the champions of the SmackDown Tag Team, but the father-son duo always go toe to toe.

On the other hand, Raines saw the revival of Jimmy Uso draw a line between him and his “right hand” Jay Uso. Family ties may not matter when the unforgiving steel structure of Hell in a cell closes around the Ultimate Loser and the Head of the Table.

Will Rey show the universal champion what it really means to lead your family? Or will Reigns get the other opponent to admit it?

Watch out for the epic title fight tomorrow night at 8/7 C at SmackDown on FOX.


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