NXT Champion Karrion Kross to battle Johnny Gargano with Samoa Joe as guest referee


NXT Champion Carrion Cross will face Johnny Gargano with Samoa Joe as Guest Referee

NXT Champion Carrion Cross as well as Johnny Gargano there have been recent skirmishes leading to chaos throughout the Capitol Wrestling Center. The two rivals will fight for the coveted NXT title, and the imposing Samoa Joe will be appointed as a special guest referee to keep order.

Foolish or fearless, Gargano was not afraid to poke the bear, which is the NXT champion. The first-ever NXT Triple Crown champion took aim at Cross in the Capitol Wrestling Center parking lot and greeted him in a face-to-face meeting last week. It is clear that Gargano has awakened anger inside.

Cross’s reign as NXT champion has been overwhelming as the life-transcending superstar holds the unbeaten record in singles competition on the black and gold brand. Johnny Wrestling survived the F-5 Tornado from Cross in Fatal 5-Way at NXT TakeOver: In Your House and fought almost all the way for another championship victory.

What happens when two fighters go head-to-head? And will Samoa Joe be forced to impose his will to keep them in check?

Check out the epic NXT title battle this Tuesday August 7th on the USA Network!


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