NXT UK features Wolfgang battling Gradwell, savage Six-Man Tag Team Match


In an eventful NXT UK edition, Wolfgang is set to interact with Sam Gradwell in the first round of the NXT UK Heritage Cup No. 1, while Oliver Carter, Ashton Smith and Saxon Huxley will join forces for a torrid hand-to-hand combat with Symbiosis. In addition, the agonizing match for the NXT UK Championship from NXT TakeOver 36 between WALTER and Ilya Dragunov will be repeated in the WWE universe!

Brutality has been the name of the game so far in the eight superstar tournament, and Wolfgang and Gradwell will almost certainly continue the trend as they grapple with each other.

The last king of Scotland is in the midst of a “friendly competition” with his brothers Gallus to find out who can make the most of the singles. Furious Gradwell loves trading hay as well as chatting, which means he should be at home in the NXT UK Heritage Cup rules match.


Carter and Smith seem to have nothing to do with the crazy Huxley other than the simple fact that they’ve all run into Eddie Dennis, T-Bone, and the Primate in recent weeks.

Huxley, who recently defeated Dennis but suffered a brutal three-on-one beating after the call, has finally gotten a fair fight with his tormentors now with the backing of one of the most talented tag teams in NXT UK.

Finally, the WWE universe can sit back and watch the replay of the authentic Match of the Year nominee as NXT UK concludes with yet another look at NXT UK’s epic The Mad Russian title match win over The Ring General.

Don’t miss the downloaded episode of NXT UK, which airs Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE elsewhere!


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