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Obama’s Step Daughter



The answer is no, Obama’s Step Daughter is not. In the early hours of July 9, 2012, “The Bad Girls Club” made its return to television for the ninth season. There is no connection between Barack Obama and any of the cast members of the show.

Barack Obamas Step Daughter

Although Mehgan knew that President Obama was her stepfather, she told her new roommates that she had told him that he was her stepfather. Throughout the conversation, the subject was constantly brought up. According to Mehgan, even though Obama is not her biological father, she feels like he should be her father from the Bad Girls Club:

Although it’s not clear to me, I guess it’s safe to assume that she doesn’t have an ex-husband, since Michelle Obama doesn’t seem to have an ex-husband to speak of.

Is Mehgan From Bad Girls Club Barack Obama’s Step Daughter?

My apologies if I spelled her name incorrectly.. Is it really true that she is Obama’s stepdaughter? I don’t know, it just seems weird to me.

I don’t know but she keeps saying that she is, so I guess it’s probably not true, because Michelle Obama never had an ex-husband before, so maybe she isn’t married. So, yeah, I guess I can say that.

This is Megan from the Bad Girls Club.

A new season of “The Bad Girls Club” was announced for television on July 9, 2012, marking the series’ ninth season on television. There is no connection between any of the cast members and Barack Obama.
Mehgan had no problem telling her new roommates that President Obama was her stepfather despite the fact that this fact was not known to her. As a result, the other girls complained about her constantly bringing up the subject. It was then that Mehgan revealed that even though Obama is not her stepfather, she feels that he should be.

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