Office Feng Shui: White Office Furniture, Proper Light Distribution

There are many ways to make your office most comfortable and safe for productive and efficient operation. Today you can enjoy the benefits of white office furniture, choose between different models of office chairs and shapes of office desks.

Above all, you may have already heard of a new trend in office space organization – office feng shui.

This approach to interior design has been pretty popular for several decades already. For some people, it is a teaching that helps direct energy flow in the room properly to benefit from positive vibes and eliminate hazards from toxic factors.

Others see it as a practical recommendation of arranging the space, place lighting, functional and design element in the most efficient manner.

However you look at it, office Feng shui may be a helpful tool for you once you arrange a new office setup or came to the conclusion that you should change something in the workplace interior to boost up its efficiency and productivity.

In this article, we shall go over the fundamental principles of office feng shui, which may be helpful for any business and workspace.

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The idea and principles of office feng shui.

To make a long story short, office feng shui is an approach to your office setup to make the workspace most attractive and comfortable. This effect should be applicable both for those who spend their whole day in the office and those who may come there as visitors. In other words, the office feng shui is supposed to turn your workplace into a comfortable, soothing space that inspires and encourages productive communication.

Logically you can achieve this effect through a well-considered office furniture placement, light distribution, colour pattern, etc. Mainly, that is why white office furniture appears as one of the fundamental focal points of office feng shui as it acts both as a functional element and a means to reflect and spread the light.

However, according to feng shui in general, the perfect atmosphere can be achieved through a balance between the 5 elements:

  • Fire – passion and inspiration. Primarily associated with light sources and bright colours;
  • Wood – vital energy. Having office furniture out of natural materials and introducing live plants into the interior design;
  • Earth – stability and strength. Earth can be embodied in the office through carpets and rugs;
  • Metal – focus, discipline and order. Those can be all chrome or metal design elements;
  • Water – pure energy. If you cannot place a fish tank in your office, add some water images or posters on the walls or simply introduce blue design elements.

Introducing feng shui into your office

Although the culture of feng shui is pretty complicated, counts centuries of history and has numerous peculiarities and variations, several basic principles can help you introduce its principles to any workspace.

The colour

Choice of colours is critical for Feng Shui in general and office feng shui particularly. Technically the idea provides for using bright or natural colour patterns. Not only they are believed to set the balance between energy in your office, but they are statistically more preferable for modern workplaces.

White office furniture is highly trendy; it fits perfectly any design concept from minimalistic and high-tech to boho and eco-design.

Moreover, white office furniture reflects and distributes the light, helping your office consume less energy for lighting and be more environmentally aware.

However you look at it, bright colours and particularly white office furniture make your workplace friendly and appealing.

Desk placement

An office desk is the focal point of the workplace. According to the office feng shui, you should place your desk at the furthest spot from the room entrance to see everything clearly and remain inaccessible for negative energy.

A white office desk would be a perfect solution because it will also reflect the negativity.

Chair placement

According to feng shui, you should place your office chair against a solid wall. It will provide you with a robust and energetic backing.

Once we speak practically, placing your office chair against the wall provides you with the most control over the situation and the ability to react to requests and approach immediately.

Choosing the right chair

According to the office feng shui, the chair itself is as important as its placement. Generally, it should be comfortable, support your back correctly, and therefore provide healthy energy circulation.

This idea is pretty justified from the point of science and medicine. A quality ergonomic chair that supports your back and arms properly provides proper lumbar and pelvic support, which are essential for healthy blood circulation and breathing.

As you see, the principles of feng shui are perfectly justified by modern science, medicine and just common sense. Whether you believe in the importance of balancing energies at your workplace or looking for an innovative and efficient approach to the office setup, adopting the fundamental ideas of office Feng Shui can help you get the most out of the available place and create a comfortable, safe and productive atmosphere.

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