PK-63 Nowshera 6000 votes missing, PTI candidate decides to approach ECP

ISLAMABAD: It has been revealed that 6000 votes of PK-63 constituency of Nowshera have gone missing, after which PTI candidate Omar Kakakhel has decided to approach the Election Commission.

According to the details, the election results of Nowshera are also likely to be controversial after Daska. It was revealed that 6000 votes were missing in PK-63 constituency of Nowshera. There was a clear difference, not a record of 6,000 votes.

PTI candidate Omar Kakakhel has decided to approach the Election Commission. Clear and undeniable evidence will be presented in the Election Commission.

On the other hand, the details of alterations in the record of votes have also come to light. Sources said that the election staff made clear alterations in the serial number and details of the votes.

Sources said that 2,2 certified copies of Form 46 containing various records were issued instead of one, 1,500 ballot papers were found missing at one polling station while 1,200 ballot papers were issued at polling station No. 41 and 483 votes were cast.

According to the documentary evidence, instead of 717, 1317 ballot papers were returned to the RO, 1800 ballot papers were issued at one polling station, 2400 votes were cast and mismanagement and irregularities were found at 40% of the polling stations.

The candidate has decided to file a formal appeal against the results in the Election Commission. The PTI candidate arrived at the Election Commission today with the legal team.

It may be recalled that PML-N had won the by-election in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PK-63 Nowshera. According to the results, PML-N’s Ikhtiar Wali was declared the winner with 21,122 votes while PTI’s Mohammad Omar came second with 17,023 votes.

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