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Are you looking for a PowerPoint agency to support you conceptually and creatively with your PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation in Hamburg? Then don’t hesitate and get in touch with me.

I would be happy to show you some of my presentations in person. Convince yourself by contacting me on +49 174 94 78 971 or book a free initial consultation here. Tailored results for successful deals

You also eat with your eyes – this is especially true in the area of marketing. Around 9 out of 10 customers base their decision for or against a purchase on visual factors. It is all the more important that you contact a PowerPoint agency if you want to convince your potential customers, partners and others. Powerpoint presentations are mostly developed in the sales department. In many cases, due to lack of time, a new presentation is made using old slides and preferably at the last minute. This can cost companies dearly if you can’t present yourself the way you want to. A good presentation pays off. From logical structure to harmonious, clear, easy-to-understand structure, professional slides benefit the good first impression you make on the audience.

As you can see, presentations are more than just pretty surfaces, although many competitors fail because of the pretty design. Presentations have to sell, and for that we have to conceptually find and work out the message, make the benefits clear, package arguments in a bite-sized way and bring everything together in a design that is tailored to the target group.

Always in focus: a result that fits your company like a glove and achieves your goals.

Powerpoint Agency for Hamburg for Tailor-made Results

You know best what values your company and your products stand for. This is exactly what a good PowerPoint agency has to do for you visually and communicate to the customer or audience. As a professional and with many years of experience, I am very familiar with the subject of presentations. Accordingly, I make sure that your message gets across. Whether design, content or concept – the result is a well-rounded result that my customers are very happy to present.

I specialize in creating powerpoint presentations that stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, I orientate myself during the creation of your specifications. The result is individual results that convince your audience across the board.

We discuss in advance which points must be included in any case and which details you would like to emphasize. I design, communicate and create slides for you.

How much does a PowerPoint presentation cost?

Many providers have film prices on their websites. For me, that has nothing to do with my work.

A simple slide would take 30 minutes and a complex slide with infographics maybe 3 hours. If you would always take the same price for slides, then the more complex slides will certainly not be created, templates are bought, stock materials are simply put in and some design is added. No one will ask themselves whether the message is correct, whether the benefit has been worked out, etc.

My customers now also include some who have already left 500 € with such film suppliers. Out of desperation, because it was so bad, we invested time and nerves ourselves. But at some point the nerves are on edge and they come to me.


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