Razor Ramon Limited Edition Collector’s Box available on WWE Shop


Adorned with gold chains and snapping toothpicks at anyone in his way, no WWE superstar has ever oozed machismo like Razor Ramon.

WWE Store Celebrates This Unique Legend’s Legacy with New Razor Ramon Limited Edition Collector’s Box… Exclusively available on WWEShop.com, the box is filled with Bad Guy gear you won’t find anywhere else. Only 750 boxes of this limited edition will be sold in total, so get yours today before they disappear forever.

The box depicts the original concept art of Ramon’s Razor, and each one contains:

  • Exclusive “Say Hello to the Bad Guy” T-shirt

  • Replica pendant with a razor

  • Razor Ramon Signature Centerplate

  • Vinyl figure

  • Enamel pin

  • Artistic poster from illustrator MigsMedia1

Bad Guy made his debut helping Rick Flair defeat “Macho” Randy Savage for the WWE title, but soon grew into a force in its own right, crushing opponents with his finisher, Razor’s Edge. His biggest moment came when he beat Shawn Michaels in the iconic WrestleMania X Intercontinental Ladder Championship match, and the rest of his WWE time, he usually either carried or hunted for the Intercontinental title.

You can now add all of these exclusive Razor Ramon items to your collection, but they are extremely limited, so head over to WWEShop.com now or say goodbye to Bad Guy!


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