Ridge Holland makes a dominant statement against Trey Baxter in TakeOver 36 Pre-Show Match


Trey Baxter shouted Ridge Holland on Twitter ahead of NXT TakeOver 36, but may have regretted the decision as a Yorkshire bruise caused him to start an overnight action.

Ridge Holland Shoots Down Trey Baxter's Momentum: NXT TakeOver 36 Preview Show (WWE Network Exclusive)

The brutal Ridge Holland dominates the agile Trey Baxter during the Pre-Show NXT TakeOver 36. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Baxter attempted to catch Holland by surprise by striking the bell, but that hardly stunned the threatening Briton. Holland caught the speedy Baxter, beat him up and bruised him before punching the hyper into the canvas with Northern Grit to get a three-count.

After the call, Holland grabbed the microphone to alert Timothy Thatcher that this demolition was a preview of what would happen when they collided this Tuesday on NXT.


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