Roderick Strong to begin new journey in showdown with Cameron Grimes


Roderick Strong will embark on a new journey in a duel with Cameron Grimes

It will be a brand new feeling Roderick Strongwhen it enters a square circle with Cameron Grimes without the comfort of his undisputed ERA brothers flanking his sides.

The strong will go alone, letting go Kyle O’Reilly know that last week he was fed up with both O’Reilly and Adam Cole actions. On the other hand, Grimes gets high on the embarrassment of wealth, and the application wins Bronson Reed two weeks ago about the black and gold brand. The two will be put to the ultimate test with Battle Royal, also scheduled for Wednesday night.

Is Strong ready to travel to the moon? Or will he start making his way?

Catch a showdown Wednesday night at 8/7 C on the US Network.


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