Google continues to build the TV user base Latest Chromecast, Roku remains the king of the streaming era. One of the first ways to see apps like Netflix on the big screen, it’s no wonder companies dominate entertainment in the living room. Roku is announcing several new products today, including streaming devices, rechargeable remotes, a refreshed sound bar, and an updated OS version.

First is Express 4K+, designed to replace the aging Roku Premiere with an affordable 4K capable device. It has a more powerful processor, dual-band Wi-Fi support, and the ability to display HDR, HDR10 and HDR10+ content all at $39.99. Meanwhile, Streambar Pro is the new version of Smart Soundbar from 2019, with immediate support for virtual surround sound (Smart Soundbar is also available in software update).

All of Roku’s new devices include a redesigned Voice Remote Pro. It turns into a customizable shortcut to store your favorite apps, a headphone jack for personal listening, and a rechargeable battery that’s needed to hold a microUSB cable to power it up. Apart from getting away from the disposable battery, the main feature here is hands-free voice commands with a “Hey Roku” activation key. You can use a hardware switch to convert it to push-to-talk, but if it contains voice commands, you can hear a small sound from the device saying “Where is my remote”.

Former Roku product owners can upgrade to Voice Remote Pro separately for $29.99. If the gadget you hear all the time surprises you, Walmart will be selling an exclusive version of the Express 4K for $34.99, along with a standard basic remote.

All of this is combined with a new update to Roku OS 10. In addition to AirPlay 2 for Apple devices, users can now take advantage of faster resume times with specific apps and have the option to customize live TV channel guides on Roku. channel. Simplified setup with automatic Wi-Fi band detection and voice input for specific on-screen keyboards. This update also brings HDR10+ to the Roku Ultra and brings virtual surround sound support to the aforementioned Smart Soundbar.

Voice Remote Pro can be purchased from: Roku’s website starting today It will be available at other retail outlets next month. that much Express 4K + and Streambar Pro Both are available for pre-order now and ship in mid-May. Roku OS 10 starts arriving on supported devices starting today.