Moving into a new home: 4 things to do and not to overlook

Anything new can be exciting as it brings an extra set of happiness with itself. Since we get excited about something new, we tend to make it look so perfect. Sometimes when we concentrate on something to be so perfect, we forget that there are so many other things to be looked upon. And before we know it, we must have not finished not even one item on the checklist properly. Hence, this article is for you to help you through with that.


The to-do lists 


Refinish Hardwood and furniture

Just take a day or two before and refinish the hardwood floors in the main areas for your home. Sanding isn’t necessary but if the floor is too damaged enough for warrant buffing, then go to the nearby store and rent equipment for 48 hours.

While you are at the nearby store you could also grab mineral spirits/ paint thinner for refinishing your old furniture. Refinishing the old dusky furniture will give you a sense of refreshment and a feel of a new start. Just take a cloth, soak the paint thinner and rub it on your furniture till the cloth no longer picks the grime.


Install detachable toilet

Cleaning the hinges of the toilet seat seems impossible no matter how hard one tries. There is always a bit of cleaning solution that creeps out later. This is where a detachable toilet seat comes to play. The detachable seat can be easily removed by twisting two hinge caps about a quarter of a turn. The detachable seats also cost less and can be installed quickly.


Clean Air Conditioner Condensers and Evaporators 

Shifting to a new house especially in summer can be exhausting. That is why you must make sure your Air-condition is cleaned and fixed if there are any problems beforehand itself. This will allow you to install it first when you arrive in your new home. Now even while unpacking or after unpacking you will be able to take a rest in a cool environment. You can also consult professional relocation agency nearby for a better guidance.


Make a room sanctuary 

As soon as you enter your new home you won’t be able to fix all the rooms properly. But to make all the rooms right you need a room where you can crash and take a rest after work. For this just simply select a room that needs less work, put a bed, and fix the air conditioner there. Now this will be a room where you can relax for the day.


List of things not to overlook



The legitimacy of moving company

Don’t just overlook the reviews. Before hiring makes sure the mover is licensed, insured, and trustworthy. “People now choosing relocation companies wisely” – said by Nija Co-founder Packers and Movers Kochi. She also added that customers now days have different ways to find reliable moving companies such as by checking in Social media, Better Business Bureau, and FMCSA’s lookup system etc



Take a look at the blueprint of the house. Make sure you have the space for your furniture and yourself. This will make sure to declutter your things.


Medicine prescriptions and finding new suppliers 

Before moving make sure you have the medicines till you settle there. Mr. Alex Philip of a leading moving company in Asia namely Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers said that “in almost every shifting, we found that people usually forgotten medicine prescriptions. On this digital-era we suggesting to take photo of prescriptions to avoid further issues”

For particular and rare medicines make sure you get to know the new medicine suppliers there. Ask your doctor for alternative medicines if needed.


Packing the essential bag

You do not want to sit in between 1000s of boxes to search for a toothbrush or soap. Just pack a bag of essential items needed for the next 2-3 days.

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