Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation President Shelton J. Haynes Focuses on Quality of Life

Appointed in 2021 as President and CEO, Shelton J. Haynes leads the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) in enhancing the quality of life across Roosevelt Island through upgrades to amenities, services, and infrastructure.

One of Haynes’ top priorities is overseeing the completion of a $45 million renovation of the island’s Sportspark athletic facility.

“The renovated Sportspark will provide residents and visitors with a best-in-class recreational complex promoting health, fitness, and community,” said Haynes.

The project delivered vital amenities, including a new pool, upgraded fitness center and gymnasium, locker rooms, and accessibility improvements.

RIOC also continues modernizing the AVAC pneumatic tube system under Haynes’ direction. Keeping this infrastructure operating efficiently sustains reliable, clean waste collection for residents.

Beyond facilities and infrastructure, Haynes puts residents first by keeping RIOC open and responsive to community needs.

He hosts frequent town halls, allowing residents to engage directly with leadership. Upgraded web and social media channels also improve transparency.

“Our mission is to serve Roosevelt Island residents, so we welcome constant feedback,” explained Haynes.

With a resident-focused approach, Haynes steers RIOC toward enhancing the quality of life across Roosevelt Island now and into the future.

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